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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Let's look beyond the dramatic changes in DeviantART for a moment. There's bigger and much scarier things going on. The USA is destroying Net Neutrality, at the same time the EU is moving towards passing a Directive that will likely end free sharing of content on the net for Europeans (likely including DeviantART as well, by the way).

I admit I've been busy with my own things for some time and I am behind on news. Trying to catch up now, it seems like I do just in time.
Today, November 29th, has been chosen for a Day of Action to save Net Neutrality.

To my friends in the USA, join the battle to save Net Neutrality:

What is Net Neutrality and why is it important for YOU.
This short video explains is quite well:


To my friends in Europe, the red alerts are off for Articles 11 and 13.
As a matter of fact, our battle here, against Articles 11 and 13 of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market may prove even more important and crucial for the future of the internet as we know it. It may as well be the crucible for our right to communicate, share, CREATE freely on the internet. THEY WANT TO TAKE THAT RIGHT AWAY.

We must not allow that happen.…

They are passing this right under our noses, in silence, after the noise we rose back in summer has subsided. Back then the Directive with the troubles Articles was rejected. But in September, it was passed. A final voting will take place in January - and if it is passed, each and every country in the European Union will have no choice but enforce laws in accordance to that Directive and its insane Articles 11 and 13.

If that happens.... it is even possible that sites like DA may as well BAN us from both uploading content and viewing content uploaded on them, to avoid legal prosecution. Think I'm exaggerating? Think again.

Here is a part of the official statement by Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube:

"Article 13 as written threatens to shut down the ability of millions of people -- from creators like you to everyday users -- to upload content to platforms like YouTube. And it threatens to block users in the EU from viewing content that is already live on the channels of creators everywhere. This includes YouTube’s incredible video library of educational content, such as language classes, physics tutorials and other how-to’s.

This legislation poses a threat to both your livelihood and your ability to share your voice with the world. And, if implemented as proposed, Article 13 threatens hundreds of thousands of jobs, European creators, businesses, artists and everyone they employ. The proposal could force platforms, like YouTube, to allow only content from a small number of large companies. It would be too risky for platforms to host content from smaller original content creators, because the platforms would now be directly liable for that content."

This is the CEO speaking. Saying clearly the regular uses like us might end up being denied the right to upload content, simply because YT cannot afford the risk of being sued for whatever its users are uploading. And make no mistake - if YT can get as badly affected, then certainly so can DA.


And you know me, I like "conspiracy theories". Two laws being passed independently, in USA and in EU respectively, at nearly the same time, both threatening the internet's integrity and freedom of sharing, expression, growth.... I'm telling you, those guys up above who govern over us, they do not like that we can share so much freely, exchange our thoughts and ideas, create anything we want and share it with so many other people. Do you know why? Because we are beginning to realize just how corrupt and inept they are. We are beginning to realize that we don't need them the way they exist now. We are beginning to realize that they are only lying to us while working for their own interests and following only their own agenda. Most of all they don't like it because we are uniting around those and more progressive ideas and when people unite - this is when they stand strong and have actual chance to make their voice be heard and thus overthrow the innate dictatorship of today's powerful. Because when there are too many of us disagreeing, they cannot ignore us any longer. Internet enables us to unite against them like never before in history. They want to put a stopper to that. Mark my words, if we allow laws like these be passed now, we are far from seeing the end of this. Divido et impera. Little has changed since Ancient Rome.

Read more, watch videos - understand the implications. SHARE.
Fight for the freedom of the Internet, fight for your own rights.


Lapis L'Azuri
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
| HE / HIM / HIS | Spiritual Satanist / Theistic Luciferian |
| Metaller | Nature-Lover | Sort of Misanthropic | Highly Flammable | Dragon |

Dragon stamp by lapis-lazuri Transspecies Pride stamp by lapis-lazuri Transgender delusion stamp 2 by lapis-lazuri

Name: Lapis L'Azuri
Nationality: Dreamland
Age: Irrelevant
Sexuality: Transgender Male (non-binary)
Sexual Orientation: Asexual (not interested)
Education: Scientific - Botany & Ecology
Current Occupation: Game Developer
Arts: Digital & Traditional, Photography, Literature
Zodiac Sign: Woodpecker / Dragon
Spiritual Element: Fire / Hellfire

:headbang: METAL IS FOREVER !!! :headbang:

This is my music, the music of my life, no other sound could ever match it.
Metal is my lifeblood. My heart beats with its rhythm. My soul is made of its vibe. Period.
:: Metal Stamp by ArticStock I Support Metal by Matzeline Metal is my soul stamp by lapis-lazuri Headbanging by cirruswolf Fuck calm and listen to Metal stamp by lapis-lazuri Evolution stamp by lapis-lazuri
Guitar Lover stamp by lapis-lazuri Real Music by jball430 Black Metal stamp by wolfenchanter Black Metal stamp by lapis-lazuri Metal and Satanism stamp by lapis-lazuri Fuck calm and listen to Black Metal stamp by lapis-lazuri

The real world is out there. Not in here, not in your office, not in your city, and not in your society.
The real world is Nature. Nature is Life. Nature is everything there is in this world, nothing is greater than it.
I'm dreaming of snow... by PixieRiot Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Snow Stamp by sakumoon Mountain Lover-Stamp by Dinoclaws snowy mountains stamp by bulletblend I Dream of Flying by Marvealle
I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain storm by FediniSTAMPpage Lightning Love Stamp by enigmatia Evil Lightning by Roojii Stamp - Storms by Endless-Rainfall Storm Stamp by soulshelter
I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa I Love Nature by Wearwolfaa Tree Hugger :LOVE: by Sao-irse Forest stamp by ArgonSelenium I Love Nature 2 by Wearwolfaa Support the Earth Stamp by luneves
Northern Lights by simplestamp stars by iLed Space... Stamp by OrigamiNinja41 Outer Space by Mellow-Stamps overrated stamp (pls check out my art too? thanks) by Siarczek The Universe stamp by lapis-lazuri
Not your world stamp by lapis-lazuri Non-human Animal Personality stamp by lapis-lazuri Climate Change stamp by lapis-lazuri No children stamp by lapis-lazuri Big Trees stamp by lapis-lazuri Hug Trees stamp (non-human) by lapis-lazuri
Castles stamp by lapis-lazuri Plants stamp by lapis-lazuri Treat Plant Life better stamp by lapis-lazuri Treat Non-Human Animals better stamp by lapis-lazuri The Earth stamp by lapis-lazuri Once you hear the Earth stamp by lapis-lazuri

Contrary to what many people believe about me, while I'm ardently anti-christian, I'm also deeply religious.
If I am to describe myself with one word only it will be neither an artist, nor a metaller, nor an environmentalist.
In one word, I am a Satanist. I am utterly serious and very fierce regarding my belief.
And no, I do not care what you think about that.
Dark Side stamp by lapis-lazuri Powered By Evil by dxd Proud Dragon by Karsun Pyromanic by XDiaLinnX dark and evil stamp by Magrad Love Them - red stamp by lapis-lazuri
Anti-xnity stamp by lapis-lazuri Anti-xnity stamp 2 by lapis-lazuri NOT okay stamp by lapis-lazuri burn your local church by MephistoFFF Church Burning by SirFilth Burn the book of lies stamp by lapis-lazuri

Proud Satanist stamp (red) by lapis-lazuri Satan by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Hail Satan Stamp by LingLing927 In Satan I trust stamp by lapis-lazuri Stamp-Lucifer by Spazzfox Chaos by MephistoFFF
DarkneSS stamp by DeviantSith omg by foreverastone NOT A SLAVE stamp by samekh-mem -JOS-Baphomet-stamp- by SVEM Satanist Stamp by RElCH sigil of baphomet stamp_001 by bbagels
Satanism is NOT stamp by lapis-lazuri Hail Lucifer stamp by lapis-lazuri Proud Luciferian stamp (blue) by lapis-lazuri In Lucifer I trust stamp by lapis-lazuri Opposed to Gloominess by Vovina-de-Micaloz [Stamp] [Satanism] Contrary to popular belief... by Vovina-de-Micaloz
A Satanist stamp by lapis-lazuri Satanist nope stamp by lapis-lazuri Life stamp by lapis-lazuri A Latin stamp by lapis-lazuri -Lucifer-stamp- by SVEM

What I Love:
Satan Lucifer, NATURE, My Soul Friends, Spirituality, Metal Music, Thunderstorms, Northern Lights, Trees, Mountains, The Sea, Guitars, Inspiring Art, Fantasy, Dragons, Demons, Hell

What I Like:
Mysteries, Darkness, Rain, Snow, Winter, Night, Stars, Nebulae, The North, Bows, Wine, Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Vibrant Colors, Flowers, Poisonous Plants, Fruits, Birds, Felines, Dolphins, Horses, Unicorns, Gryphs, Beautiful Beasts and Monsters, Crystals and Minerals, Magic, Realistic Fantasy

I Dislike:
cities, crowded places, shopping, fashion, cosmetics, pop culture, mainstream, conformity, most fandoms, clichés, fuckbook etc., wastefulness, gore, beaches, summer heat, drought, waking up early, overly colorful stuff, pink, poor design, denying climate change, questioning evolution, intelligent design theories, most fantasy stories with Dragons, most representations of the Demons

I Hate:
humanity, society, politics, overpopulation, pollution, poor behavior towards non-human life, generally discrimination, arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, narrow-mindedness, grey aliens, XNITY

chainsaws, black shapes (google "vantablack"), actual AI, conspiracy and governmental monitoring, whatever they are really planning, hospitals / doctors, heights (mildly)

I play guitar, I hug trees, I do magick. The rest is in my galleries.
Nature isn't constrained by your lack of imagination.
Astral stamp by lapis-lazuri Dreams vs Reality stamp by lapis-lazuri Past Life Trauma stamp by lapis-lazuri

Here we go again.... What kind of art would you like to see more of me? 

31 deviants said Satanic arts.
18 deviants said Traditional fantasy drawings.
7 deviants said Traditional nature art / non-human animals.
5 deviants said Digital fantasy paintings.
4 deviants said Traditional portraits.
4 deviants said Photography. (You get it whether you want it or not, mwahahahaa.)
3 deviants said Digital nature art / non-human animals / landscapes.
2 deviants said Tattoo designs.
2 deviants said Other (Comment.)
1 deviant said Literature.

Next cliché question (shame on me) : How did you find me? 

29 deviants said Browsing for art.
23 deviants said Browsing for stamps.
14 deviants said You found me first.
10 deviants said Your work was on a group I watch.
9 deviants said A friend told me / a friend in common.
8 deviants said Random / Other. (Comment)

If I had an account on a Patreon-like site, would you support my art financially? 

32 deviants said I would, but I cannot afford it.
9 deviants said Nah, I don't think so.
6 deviants said Yes, definitely!
No deviants said Perhaps, depends on how your art develops in the future.
No deviants said Only if there is exclusive content for supporters.


No facebook stamp by ARTic-Weather
I have no facebook.
Deal with it.

Also, don't thank me for the favs and/or llamas.
I use them to encourage people, so just enjoy them and keep up the good work.

dA Thank you for the fav stamp by lapis-lazuri


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