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Illegibilus - Ophelia Anya Agyris Beaux by LaPetiteBallerine Illegibilus - Ophelia Anya Agyris Beaux by LaPetiteBallerine

:new: revamped her now w spacebuns so she looks more like a smol child !¡ btw please excuse the shitty editing on the app the computer was a lil trippy so yeah 

old trashy app

made a reference sheet for her too

:new: skirt and socks are changed due to group's rules

 :new: forgot to say that I GOT IN HECK YE //will be altering character art in a few days 


For :iconillegibilus: :iconasdfghplz:


okay, so this is going to be the second time I’ll be applying for this fabbu group // I mean, I luh to be included so badly I legit forgot to do homework one day bc I was working on this ahaha nice one ky

Oh, and a massive thank you to the Head of the Ravenclaw House—she was immensely kind back then to give me the conflicting parts regarding my character app sheet. I really do hope I get in ! I tried my best some things about my character to make it realistic—but the art’s still crappy-looking. I know. I do hope the heels are okay now bc goddamn, it’s just so hard to draw them short and from an angle. But I still do hope I get in, and good luck to all the other people who are planning on joining !


yes, i accept headcanon (even crack roflmao that'll be fun)  I LOVE HEADCANONING i thA nk !!!


and now bc I currently have the worst case of throbbing headache and stiffneck atm might as well sleep forever : - )))




"Precisely, that is what's with me—everything I see is beautiful."



N a m e : Ophelia Anya Beaux

N i c k n a m e s : Ophelia
                              Ophie (by her close friends, older brothers and brother)
                              Anya (if u want to irritate her ;; only her cousins can call her that)
                              Ophélie (french version of her name that her father dearly uses)
                              Ophie-Wophie / Ophie-kins


H e i g h t : 4’7” //coughsmidget

W e i g h t : 101 lbs

B i r t h d a y : 23rd of June 2002

N a t i o n a l i t y : British

E t h n i c i t y : French-Greek

S t a t u s : Pure Blood

H o u s e : Ravenclaw

Y e a r : fourth


"Ah, it was such a beauty—and it'll always be."


W a n d . I n g r e d i e n t s

C o r e : Dragon Heartstring

 -- dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn quicker than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner.

L e n g t h : nine and three quarter inches

W o o d : Aspen

-- Aspen wood is white and fine-grained, and highly prized by all wand-makers for its stylish resemblance to ivory and its usually outstanding charmwork (A perfect wand for Ophelia, given that she’s an exceptional connoisseur at Charms).

F l e x i b i l i t y : quite flexible


S p e l l s (mastered spells along the years)

Levitation Charm ( W i n g a r d i u m . L e v i o s a )

 -- A basic charm mainly used for instruction purposes that causes an object to levitate at the caster's discretion. Very skilled wizards sometimes find creative uses for it.

Shielding Charm ( P r o t e g o )

 -- Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.

Stinging Hex ( U n k n o w n )

-- Causes the victim to suffer an intense and painful stinging sensation, which - much like real stings - causes swollen red welts to appear over the surface of the skin.

 -- She's not the kind of person who would hurt others, but Ophelia won't think twice on using this hex when she needs to.

Episkey ( E p i s k e y )

 -- A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries. More serious afflictions require greater magic.

 -- Ophelia pretty much finds this charm very handy—whenever her feisty yet kind brother Brutus obtains a small injury from one of his shenanigans, she's always there to patch him up.


"You know, you really are like a festive jamboree of prosaic prattle."


P e r s o n a l i t y


+ Gentle, Polite, Intelligent, Creative, Patient, (Closet) Athletic |||| - Grade Conscious, Aggressively Competitive (Academically), Naïve, can be Childish, Crybaby, Secretive when it comes to her emotions

 -- A young girl deemed to be somewhat advanced for her young age, Ophelia is the type of girl who sees the world through rose-coloured glasses. She possesses a sweet, caring, and ladylike demeanour that's full of pure viridity, and she would most likely be extremely polite and possibly quite shy when you first encounter her. 


But as soon as you get to know her more, you'll slowly see more of her personality revealing.

Behind that gentle nature is a somewhat carefree essence. She likes meeting new people and encountering new adventures (as long as she stays out of trouble—she prefers the safe kind). Ophelia is also a very creative person, managing to use her mind to come up with innovative ideas. Ophelia is also known to be someone who is diligent with her studies, determined to be successful with her life.


She also manifests intelligence and other traits every other Ravenclaw has, but she also exhibits athletic abilities that were influenced by the male members of her family, showing interest in sports such as Quidditch and whatnot—although she's not like the proverbial, robust and tough athlete; she's mostly sport and exhibits competitiveness in a different perspective (Academics, yes. Athletics? not really).  This side of hers isn’t actually known by a lot, for she’s more of the ‘closet’ type—she won’t show it unless it’s needed. Unlike her brothers who joins Quidditch teams, Ophelia considers this ability of hers as a hobby, and shows no interest in joining her house team. But despite that, Ophelia is indeed known by a lot of students as quite aggressive at Acads (caused by her mother from her younger years), often comparing her grades from time to time, and excessively studying for incoming examinations—she may even act somewhat rude and stroppy whenever she finds someone who has a higher grade than her. Grade-conscious for a Ravenclaw, she is.

But despite all of those positive traits of hers, Ophelia can be fragile at times. Being a crybaby has some fears, but would often hide it from everybody to prove that she is a strong, young woman—even though she's really not. Due to the fact that she’s the youngest in the family (and that she has a small stature), people always tend to treat her in a careful manner, sometimes even walking on eggshells around her. She hates people seeing her in her weak, vulnerable state, and being underestimated or being called weak and inferior by those who are older than her, so she tries her best to satisfy them, and proves to them that she is worth it by trying her very best. She can also come off as childish and rather naïve because of her young age, even though she may act as someone quite advanced compared to her peers.

At rare times she can also show her fierce and confident side. It may be very seldom (rare, even) of her to put up a bold attitude, but she can be brave, and she can even put up a fight if desperately needed. Even though she's not the type of individual who can be violent, Ophelia would be willing to do anything for the sake of her loved ones' well-being. She’s got a remarkably long temper, though one should not dare test her patience, for when she gets enough, it can be massively terrifying.


td;lr :: straight-up peppy yet ladylike lass who’s just a little beam of sunshine and happiness. she's got a thing for athletics but she doesn’t really show it. rarely gets furious, and hides her sad emotions. Tremendously grade conscious and aggressive at Academics, though. She’s vv kind, and people always tend to treat her delicately (so she tries her best to seem independent). She’s got a long temper, but when she gets mad run.

"Seriously, Butterbeer cannot be some sort of religion, so you can't say that 'Butterbeer is your religion.'

B a c k g r o u n d 


Ophelia was born in Bordeaux, France—the fourth child and only daughter of the pureblooded Jean Claude Beaux and the pureblooded Eudoxia Agyris. Soon after she was given birth, her family moved to the UK order to settle there, thinking that it was the best for all of them. Her mother was born in that country, and her wanting to stay in the place she grew up in (and where her family is) made the whole family migrate to that place. Luckily her husband didn't protest, and their families supported them in the decision.


**the whole Beaux family are from France, but Claude and his parents decided to drift off to start a new life in the UK. When he and Eudoxia got together, he persuaded her into both moving back to his hometown. She agreed, but as soon as she had her last child she thought that staying here might’ve not be the best decision, she wanted to go back to where she’s from and where her family is. Even though the children were born and raised in the UK, they were brought to France yearly just to keep in touch with their father’s relatives. It’s somewhat ironic, though, because they were more exposed to their father’s family traditions than their mother’s, who just lived in the same place as them.

Her father, Claude, came from a long line of Beauxes; her mother Eudoxia on the other hand was from the household of Agyris. Claude met Eudoxia from the house of Ravenclaw a few years after he was admitted into Hogwarts in his childhood. He belonged to Gryffindor, but it did not stop the two from being together. Despite the fact that they are both from pureblooded lineage, both families didn't actually care about who they were mingling with, whatever their blood status may be. In spite of this, the couple didn't know they were both coincidentally purebloods until they got together. 

The family lived in a large mansion they called The Beaux Château that stood erect in a place quite far from the Muggles, although the parents do let the four siblings socialise with Muggle folk rarely—still making sure that the non magic-endowed community would not know about their children's abilities regarding witchcraft and wizardry. 

Claude and Eudoxia raised their offsprings with virtue, knowledge about magic, and not to mention the history of their ménage. But although Ophelia grew up peacefully with her family, she was always underestimated by her three older brothers, considering her weak because she's the youngest—often calling her Ophie because it was suitable for a 'baby'. But soon enough they grew to love and accept her as time went by, and the nickname then became the siblings' pet name for their beloved sister.

Born with a sweet and pretty face (looking like a miniature of her mother), and given that she was the baby of the family, she was often doted on by her relatives and her parents, showering her with all the love, care, and gifts. But despite that, the lass seemed to not have developed an extremely spoilt personality, thanks to proper parenting.

Considering the fact that she was a female (and her mother's extremely sophisticated nature and low tolerance for unpleasant manners), she was brought up to be a refined young lady who observed etiquette and respect. Her mother was her tutor, and she would teach her only daughter different things about what a lady should know, manners and the like. With those, Ophelia grew up as a mature ladylike individual that manifested an elegant essence.



And there was also more than that.




Her mother was an extreme perfectionist and quite a manipulative person. Now that she finally had a daughter. . . She wanted everything to be perfect for her.

She set up timetables for her, she perfectly planned everything—from the simplest to the most important (which was her studies). . .everything. Ophelia didn't care if she was pressured, for she just wanted her family to be happy. To be proud of her.

In spite of this, she has been attracted to athletics, like Quidditch to be specific. She would often see her two eldest brothers Gustave and Romeo on their broomsticks, hovering around the large garden of their mansion. She had always been fascinated with it, and together with her other brother Brutus, she would join with them, despite her mother's protests of not letting her play such sports.

This was no surprise for her loved ones, owing to the fact that most of her family's household members were Quidditch players themselves: her father Claude was once a great Chaser, and Gustave followed his father's footsteps, as expected of the eldest offspring; Romeo on the other hand found out his natural talent in portraying a remarkable Keeper; and meanwhile, Bruce proved himself to be an outstanding Beater among his peers.

Eudoxia preferred something calm; an activity she considered non piggish and befit for a girl like Ophelia, such as Music. She still does engage with the certain sport, though, but unlike her brothers, the young lass didn’t absorb much of the family’s ‘talent’—she still opted for other activities (like Music, and learning about casting charms), and considered her ability in Quidditch as a sort of ‘hobby’ and wouldn’t prefer to seriously take it up as some sort of path for her future. She also hates the fact that games such as this could be brutal, seeing her siblings being occasionally covered in bruises and scratches—that was also one reason why she didn’t want to be in a team.


Not before long when Ophelia was nine, her third older brother Bruce was sent off to Hogwarts—leaving her alone as the only child in the ménage. Gustave had recently graduated, and Raphael just became a fifth year student. Because of this, the boarding school had sparked Ophelia's attention, making her read different books about the history and education system of the school of witchcraft and wizardry. She fancied of getting the privilege to study in the said educational institution.

Until that certain day came. It was another normal day for Ophelia in the Beaux household. She was reading her books, hoping that she could finish soon for she wanted to play when an invitation to Hogwarts had appeared in the mansion's doorstep. Ophelia felt ecstatic, for she would soon be reunited once again with Bruce, who was in his third year at that time. Though at the same time she felt rather melancholic, realising that she would leave the mansion and only get to see her family on special occasions. But setting all those worries aside, she packed everything she needed—materials at its finest quality that would be very suitable and useful for the duration of her stay—and immediately set off for Hogwarts.

Ophelia found her experience throughout her journey to the said school rather peculiar yet interesting. Riding aboard the Hogwarts Express, she stayed in a cabin with children she deemed as serene—fellow minors who would prefer to have peaceful little games and have delightful chats while politely eating their treats bought from the trolley rather than having a very wild time throughout the trip. Sure she loved to move around at times, but Ophelia would rather opt to be safe and sound than be rowdy and extremely naughty inside the moving vehicle. The other children were very boisterous and loud, and she made sure she stayed away from trouble.

At the Sorting Ceremony, Ophelia became quite confused with which house she wanted to be in. Her eldest sibling Gustave came from Gryffindor when he was still in Hogwarts, and currently Bruce is in it too. Her other brother Romeo on the other hand was on his last year at the Ravenclaw house. She thought about being in the same house as Bruce's, since if Raphael left she wouldn't have anyone to talk with in that house, but she got sorted to the Ravenclaw house instead. Ophelia didn't demur with the Hat's decision whatsoever, and accepted it.

Ophelia's first few years in Hogwarts were surprisingly pleasant and eventful. She did great in her studies, and the house she now belonged to were very welcoming. The next events were already a blur to her, except for the things that she learned and also other significant scenarios that happened. Nevertheless, Ophelia felt very excited in looking forward to her fourth year—new adventures, new friends to make, and new things to learn.


// other significant events in her Hogwarts years :


First : equipped with materials of the finest quality, Ophelia was one of the new little children who entered Hogwarts, eyes full of wonder and anticipation. She was definitely one of those young ones who utterly looked like a young kid whilst the others were already on their onset stage of adolescence. Her curly mane of hair was often wrapped by her scarf, as she would always feel cold back then, and if she won't wear it just for once, she'd instantly get a minor flu. A First Year who strictly follows the rules, Ophelia was extremely shy, but would often open up and get very bubbly when she makes a friend with her peers of even with one of her older brothers' friends. She was truly a cheerful young lass, and Ophelia would still consider that year as one of her memorable moments up until now.



Second : Ophelia started to become slightly more shy than ever, for her second older brother Romeo and his friends had graduated from the school. That didn't last for very long, though, since she had already made a considerable amount of friends from her house and in her peers, and some people who have known her Ravenclaw older brother became her acquaintances. She would always pass by the Gryffindors, whatsoever, and would often visit her other brother Brutus. Since they were the only two ones left, the brunette had taken the responsibility of watching over her sibling as he participates in different mischievous antics of his, and she was the one who would heal his minor injuries. This was also the year when Ophelia became a bit spoilt and bratty (influenced by some of her friends who were given anything they wanted by their parents) as she would often write to her parents about buying her trinkets and jewellery that she wanted. This was also the year when people recognised her as the ”Ravenclaw kid with a big bow on her hair”



Third : A more mature persona than her previous selves, this was the year when Ophelia started to seem and act more maturely than her actual age, already starting to speak in a deep-English language because of her constant book-reading. She also became more defensive when it comes to debating about certain matters, and became more 'competitive' in other tasks, especially her extracurricular activities and important core subjects unlike before ("You're too grade-conscious," she'd hear Brutus say once. He's a Gryffindor. "I know it's a typical thing for lads from the blue and bronze house, but you're becoming one of those people who indulge too much."). She mostly focused on her future, spending nights inside her dorm after dining in the Great Hall, tonnes of books piled upon her bed and desk as she continued to study her lessons and activities in advance. Everything that happened in Ophelia's early childhood years have already been imprinted on her mind more than ever, and this has prompted her to strive harder and make her family proud. Her mother proud.


Fourth : Ending her third year at Hogwarts, Ophelia was already looking forward to the different events that shall happen on the next school year. Having already stayed at the school for a good three years, the short brunette knew that no matter what happens, all will be well.


"Do I appear to look as if I am in a state of wanting to choose which certain pastry I would like to devour in this very morni—Blueberry pie please, thank you."

F a m i l y

Brief Information About The Beauxes : The Beaux household are a long line of pureblooded wizards and witches that came from the place of Marseille in France. Although they have a high blood status, they weren't that picky with whom they were socialising with (although most of those people they were mingling with were purebloods), but they do practice different pureblood traditions. Most of its female members have attended the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, but some members who have settled away from their country—like Ophelia and her siblings—had the opportunity to study in other magic schools, specifically Hogwarts.

Brief Information About The Agyrises : The Agyrises, like the Beauxes, consisted of pureblooded witches and wizards. They were of Greek heritage, although some say that there was also some Russian blood in them. The family was known for their exclusive but kind nature. Most of the household's business are involved around the Ministry of Magic, magical jewellery, and herbology.

Ophelia and her siblings did not know much of their mother's ancestry for they are more engaged with their father's family members and origins.


F a m i l y . M e m b e r s

Jean Claude Beaux (44) - an austere-looking man with a very loving disposition, he portrays a perfect role model to his children, especially to his three sons. Although he is deemed to be a strict man of his own word, he has a soft spot in his heart for his wife and children. From the Beaux household and an esteemed Beauxbatons alumni, Claude manifests bravery and selflessness, for he is willing to do anything for the safety of everyone he loves and cares about. Currently works as an Auror.

Eudoxia Beaux, née Agyris (43) - a highly sophisticated woman with superb taste, she is the mother of Ophelia, and would consider herself as her daughter's official guardian and tutor of proper manners. Not to mention her well-cultured nature, Eudoxia would be deemed as a mother with unconditional love for her children, and would do anything just for their well-being. Despite her being brought up with the traditional ways a pureblooded individual would be, she grew up to be a person who treated others equally, no matter what their blood status would be. The one trait that only brought her down was her overly-perfectionist nature which brings other people extreme pressure in what they do—especially her only daughter Ophelia. A formwe Ravenckaw, she is a herbologist, and a very crafty witch when it comes to charms (a trait that Ophie had inherited—she loves charms class).


Gustave Abélard Beaux (24) - the eldest child and first son of Claude and Eudoxia. He is described as a man with a stoic personality. He may come off as rather aloof and would distance himself from everyone, although he would socialise with others if he was forced to. Despite his cold nature, Gustave has a very unexplainable close relationship with his little sister Ophelia (and at some times his family), who seemed to be the only one who understands him and he would open up to. They were practically inseparable. Ophelia sends her Frére letters as often as she could. Originally intended to become a Hit Wizard but ended up as an Auror alongside his father.

Romeo Alfonse Beaux (21) - the second son of the couple. A suave young man with a very sociable personality, he is the wisest sibling among the four. Ophelia often seeks advices from him, due to his sensible nature. Romeo was indeed a slick, smooth, debonair charmer. He can talk his way through you to do things the way he wanted, which can come off as annoying at some point. Due to his very flamboyant nature, he is loud and extroverted, and he's always ready to party—whenever and wherever. He can grace any gathering he has visited, and when you're with him, expect yourself to live a life with vivacity, and of course his clever words and sayings. Works as a dragonologist. ///"For the last time—I am not a dragon slayer ! I'm a dragonologist !"

Brutus André Beaux (16) - Brutus, often called as Bruce by everyone, is the adventurous sibling out of all. Often getting in trouble with his different shenanigans, he is always ready for new discoveries. Brutus would most likely acquire some sort of minor wound or injury from his tricks, and his sister would be the one who would patch him up. Ophelia and Brutus were close to each other, not a doubt—considering the fact that they were the younger pair and would always end up together. He is very laid-back, but that won't stop him from being responsible when it comes to important situations.

L i k e s

❥ a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa

❥ peony flowers

❥ jewellery, especially rings & chokers

❥ tea and sweet pastries like french macarons

❥ Music and Charms cc:

❥ frilly, floral, lacey clothings (esp. bustiers, midi or short skirts) or anything girly that fits her style and anything cute

❥ people with vibrant-coloured eyes. Somehow she didn't like her light payne’s grey-coloured ones.

❥ debates, school activities—anything that could challenge a mind of a Ravenclaw

❥ no-naughty-hair days // people playing with her hair, she finds it relaxing and can fall asleep with that

❥ people appreciating her or things she's done //she might get slightly triumphant and giddy and bouncy though

❥ the colours light peach-pink, iridescent white, rose gold



D i s l i k e s

✕ doing anything that comes off as insulting or teasing her about her height (using her as an arm rest or some sort, head patting—she’s already disappointed that she’s the only non height-endowed member within her fam so don’t make her feel bad)

✕ any type of soda—she hates the taste it leaves in her mouth and often cringes when drinking it. She thinks they all taste the same.

aubergines and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. No explanation needed.

✕ rude, arrogant people 

✕ people who don’t take her seriously

✕ her point not being right—she somewhat hates it when people outsmart her since she’s a Ravenclaw and she’s got some reputation she’s got to keep up to

✕ total darkness / sleeping in the dark

✕ tall, buff people somewhat freaks her out because she reckons they'll ~crush~ her //just let her know that ur nice k

✕ tickling charm / rictusempra (Ophelia is a very ticklish person—and this would possibly be her ultimate weakness)

✕ getting pranked / participating in some sort of prank (although you can trick her to do it tho)

✕ creepy crawlies bc they're ew especially earthworms they terrify her so much she might hit ppl near her to make them kill it


P e t

ღ Name : Berlioz aka the manriest manry dog eva (Ophie sucks at picking names k) 

ღ Species : Teacup Pomeranian (Black and Tan-coloured)

ღ Gender : Male

ღ Personality :

Ophelia didn't expect having such a small type of dog, but she widely accepted it and gave him gentle care. She first mistaken it as a very fluffy german shepherd puppy bc she stupid.

Berlioz may seem like a little stud muffin, but don't get fooled by his innocent appearance. He may seem like a sweetheart, but Berlioz can come off as very feisty to strangers. He won't calm down unless he senses that the person is Ophelia's good friend or when there are treats around. Despite his appearance, Berlioz is described as a tough, intelligent and loyal dog. He can also be quite arrogant to others as well. Often mistaken as a girl, Berlioz can be very overprotective to his master. He shows this by letting out 'manly' growls (which is more like cute barks) and and 'biting' other people's hands or fingers (which is more like gently nibbling it). He is often seen carried by Ophelia or walking in front of her. She prefers him walking in front because someone might step on him. Berlioz also has a habit of using his appearance to deceive people in order to get treats and stuff like that. No matter what size he is, that won't stop him from protecting his beloved owner.

Additional info :

- he wants to live up to his very tough name but rather fails because of his appearance

-one of his notable mannerisms are spinning around and around when very excited

likes to nestle on Ophelia's chest

A c h i e v e m e n t s

None atm


"I never actually say these kinds of words—nor I'm ever allowed to, but this situation I'm currently involved in pushed me to my very limit, so—Shite."


A d d i t i o n a l . I n f o

Voice reference : This vlogger that I found her voice is already high, and can get higher and shrill when excited or giddy about smth ////

ღ plays the violin bc she was taught when she was little—she can also play a song on the violin spot on by just listening to the song.

ღ because of her knowledge with Quidditch, first year Flying Class was like a child’s play for her.

ღ Possibly the only member in the whole Beaux/Agyris squad who’s short //tallheightisarecessivegenetoherlmao

ღ Her hair is quite thick so it gets super naughty especially in the morning (aka crazy bed hair lady)

ღ she's crazy with debates, because she can get so immersed to it to the point where she'll think of it as some sort of argument and she would take it so seriously she can get mad (but that doesn't really happen though i guess)

ღ She hates her thick and full eyebrows. She thinks they look like “mustaches above her eyes”

ღ she has a knack with reading dictionaries, newspapers, or articles

i also love reading dictionaries lmao// did yall know that i treat wikipedia  as an ebook and always read about random diseases and iconic people on there

ღ has a non-existent mole under her right eye ;;; freckled and dimpled  : )

ღ Extremely afraid of the dark—close to the point of having Nyctophobia (she sleeps with a lamp light ; she would most likely get nightmares if she doesn't).

ღ even though not really into it, she does play quidditch occasionally as a small game with her friends or with her brothers. she can get a little giddy when that topic is brought up to a conversation, though.

she hates admitting this but she still tends to suck her thumb unconsciously when she's awake or when she's in slumber :iconcrai-plz:


ღ she is a terrible liar—she stutters and fidgets a lot when she does. 

ღ Ophelia would most likely not understand some other idiomatic expressions, and would possibly take them seriously, often retorting other people's statements with logical explanations (because she always thinks that people say things literally and not figuratively or metaphorically)

ღ she often mistakes people who are loud as mean, so make sure you don't shout when you talk


R o l e p l a y . M e t h o d s

i do lit, long lit, since i love writing long paragraphs. take note that i suck at starters, so you’ll most likely start.

i can rp through notes (hit me up !), skype (kyy.dscllr), kik (peoniies), and google docs i guess but i haven’t tried that so maybe teach me lmaolmaolmao

headcanons :: vv fine with me ! i’m open to headcanons !!

R e l a t i o n s h i p s

click here to see Ophelia’s relationships with different Hogwarts students ! // link not working yet

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aah thank you so much bb !! xx i spent the whole time digitalising this between breaks of doing my statistics homeworks ahah !

hope we could roleplay pretty soon !
Hazelstar67 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016
//swoops in

What a lovely girl! Best of luck to you :D
LaPetiteBallerine Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
//kissu tysmtysmtysm ilysmm aaaa :iconsparklezplz:
Hazelstar67 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016
although i see you didnt need it

LaPetiteBallerine Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
omfg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yOU TOO BABE XX
Hazelstar67 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016
... Literally I was looking at this earlier and now that song is stuck in my head lol. O-Ophelia XP
LaPetiteBallerine Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
oh gosh i love that song omfggg

by any chance would you want to rp?? xxxx
yumeuu Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016
aaaaa, she's back/////
good luck to you~ ophelia is a lovely girl :iconuhuhuhuplz:
LaPetiteBallerine Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
oh gosh, thank you ! and yes, she is :iconteyuplz:

but she ain't as lovely as ur bb marlene over there /////
yumeuu Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016
np !
and gosh :icongtthblushplz: //casually shoves marley out of a window
she's nothing special ///////
LaPetiteBallerine Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
oh don't deny it /// 

i mean, look at my midget :icongrosssobplz:
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