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tarma in the sunset

human anatomy.
background image.
color paint.
etc, etc...

There are a lot of things that I want to remember. :D

drawing illustration is difficult!! :XD:
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Really nice, Tarma is my favourit character at all!!!! =)
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thank you!
yes, Tarma is really nice character :D
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I love the way you did it... The expression, the perspective and the lighting^^! All in all, is an awesome picture!
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thanks! I wanted to express ennui of end of war. :D
but, he will go to the next mission tomorrow again. Probably.

it's never ending story :XD:
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Yep, It's a never ending story...

After enjoyin' the free-time between war-stuff, they will hear it again...

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This is a really great image! And it's also really nice to see a serious picture of Tarma since the Metal Slug boys tend to be rather goofy in most art XD Great work, love the way the you handled the coloring and the obvious skill with such a difficult pose (from below no less!).
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yes, Tarma is unique(like comedian) character image, but this time drawing of hard-boiled Tarma.

I worked hard, to draw low angle.
glad! :)
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that´s great!
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I can't draw perspective >.< This drawing is very nice :)
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oh, thanks praise. :D

can't you draw perspective?

but your art's taste is very good.
beautiful bold color.
and nice balance human body.
I want to learn to your art. :)
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No I can't :D But I learn how to do that =)
It seems quite difficult ^^, (むずかしいです :o)
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Oh sorry i forgot to write a part of my message!
ありがとうございます らおゆえ くん!!!
あなた は 'very nice' です!! (ごめんなさい I forgot a lot of my words)
If you need english help you can ask me :)
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sorry, your comment is was not reported from deviantart's system.
I Noticing has slowed. :XD:

why? It is not necessary to apologize.
I got your praise feelings to me, from your first message.
I'm friendly with you. and thank you. :D
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In my opinion - you mastered that :D
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Hello, many times thanks to messages. :D

no no, I'm immaturity still. :XD:
but I'm not sad. I acquires skill little by little. :thumbsup:
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Difficult maybe, but it was worth it. This looks fantastic. :)
What I like the most is the colour patten that follows the green and yellow around this character. And the perspective of looking up at this person is great too.
Well done.
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yeah, thanks :XD:

usually, I do not use lot green and yellow.
however used it daringly this time.
(because I wanted a sentimental atmosphere)

I think that it followed good result. :D
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