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meg and Sophie -Coffee Break-

I did draw for PangGuin's MetalSlug fan book's cover art. :D

well, last year's summer, I did meet awesome comics. that title "Scott Pilgrim".
that art taste is simple, but very good. I got shock, and I train that like comics taste. it point is, "simple" and "strong lines" and "correct contrast".
do you think that it is easy? no, no, it's very hard for me.
but I want that skill. I need long time training, I continues it.
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Sophia: That was quick.

Meg: You think.
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me gusta mucho tu imagen
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hey you! please answer my question.
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hehe nice :) when you draw morden? ;D
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yeah! for instance - morden's coffee break? it unexpected. maybe it's good scene. I want draw some time! :D
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ok i will be waiting :)
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Good to see that you're still alive and kicking. I was getting worried after the triple disaster.

And... Wait... There's another book coming out?
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hi, enomosiki
yes, I'm still alive. cake is delicious and sweet. haha :D

I'm fine, because I live in west Japan.
but worry thanks!

and maybe I can about this book's report, in April. but if you frend of PangGuin, when it asks him, it is good. :)
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