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marco appears from among smoke

I'm drawing now tarma's picture, but that completion and upload is next year.

I'll continues effort, also 2010 year.

see you. :D
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woah so badass!!
Marco looks like an action movie protagonist!
wait....That's what he are (but from a game xDD)
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thanks! :D
I think Marco is cool and tough guy.
like Arnold Schwarzenegger? or Sylvester Stallone?
anyway, he is cool hero! :XD:
NatachiXD's avatar
Yeah haha! He's a very striking character =D
Though I only play with Tarma and Trevor XD
laoyue's avatar
oh, you like Tarma and Trevor?
they are COOL, too. :D

but I guess Tarma is good comedian character.
of course I think good it. :XD:
NatachiXD's avatar
rofl yeah! Tarma is a comediant xDD and he don't even need to talk for this
MRottDawgBarks's avatar
This look so f*cking awesome Oo!
You really caught the intense and braveness of Marco ^^!

I just :heart: it!
laoyue's avatar
wow, thanks :D

I wanna draw more awesome drawing.
I effort for it! :w00t:
MRottDawgBarks's avatar
Well, just do it... ^^!
YHOTF's avatar
LOL Yeah I am the ultimate fighter Marco rosso ........
Really the drawing look really nice ....
laoyue's avatar
Yes, Sir! Major Marco.
I wanna be effort for more good drawing.
thanks :D
sagiturn's avatar
Another great!
laoyue's avatar
yeah thanks! :D

oh, I get heavy machine-gun? *RRAM*
sagiturn's avatar
yes of course! :dance:
fiolina1990's avatar
this is sooo awesome!!!!
i love it
this is definitely going to my favs
laoyue's avatar
I'm very glad. :D

wow, your name is fiolina?
I salute to chief master sergeant! :XD:
Wojskowa's avatar
All I can say (or show), is that:


(because Marco is my fav character xD)
laoyue's avatar
oh yeah,
if you are pleased, I'm glad too. :D
vagrantslasher17's avatar
:wow: you're good, I have a big weakness when it comes to drawing "male" characters :iconotlplz:

sou ye ba, laoyue-san, AKEMASHITE OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU~!!! Kotoshi mo yoroshiku negaishimasu~!! :iconarigatouplz: :la:
laoyue's avatar
oh good japanese, thanks new year message.

Japan is a new year in remainder about five hours.
this is time difference? :D

I'll upload later a new year image.
(but, that is not metalslug image.)

by the way, I too not like drawing male character. :XD:

but strong male and lovely female. it invents more good image.
I study both drawing. :D
vagrantslasher17's avatar
^___^ doitashimashite, laoyue-san~ :D

ooooh~ XD yeah, time difference^^ here, we still got like 6 hours to go XD

(yay~! a New year artwork! :boogie: Tanoshii mi~~!! XD )

haha, really?? but I could see you've done a great job on drawing MARCO here^^ :thumbsup:
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