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Recently, I heard it.
there is a popular game.

first of all,heroine is beautiful girl...
and she wears glasses...
and shoots enemy with the gun.

I know! it a metalslug!!:D

...uh? what? [BAYONETTA]? :XD:
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baynetta and metal slug both awesoem games!
I just love Fio! she is awesome!
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yeah thanks :peace:

actually, I did not play BAYONETTA,
but that game is want to try sometime. :XD:

I drawing now eri kasamoto's art.
if it is interested, please come again later. :D
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sure thing! thinking of putting yuo on watch1
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Bayonetta?? sounds familiar :eyepopping:

nice work on this btw^^

I hope you'll draw the other one^^ (I forgot her name O.O all I can remember is she had pink hair XD )
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thank you message, my buddy. :D

of course! I beginning to draw partner of fiolina. :XD:
that partner's name is "eri kasamoto"
However, she's hair collar is yellow. :?

your said "pink hair" girl... uh...that "Nadia"? from metalslug 4?
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Ahh yes!! That's her name! Nadia^^ I look forward to it^^ hope you draw her too^^

I don't see Nadia drawings here that often XD
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ah Nadia's art? I drawn it, just the other day. :peace:

I not uploaded it that time.
however, I upload it next time. :D
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XD maybe I just missed it XD well I'll take a look then :meow:
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