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XX with eri kasamoto

I noticed after having completed it.
Composition is "XX"(leg and knife and hat-chet) :)

by the way, "metalslug XX" is to be going to possible play in XBOX360 on spring 2010. I watched it in MSDB.

hm... I stop buying "PSP".
And I buy an "XBOX360" to change. :meow:

In such a case... I can play "metalslugXX" in wide monitor of TV. and I can play "BAYONETTA". oh yeah, good idea! :D
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sorry! yes, because it became old picture. it is locked.
please wait new picture. :D
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Im gonna get out my PS2 out of the closet and play MS-Anthology right now!

Oh and Eri is my favorite character too, she´s awesome!
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Hi wesker, thanks message! :D

me too, eri is very favorite carcter!
The town where I was born is the same as her hometown.
I feel a sense of closeness.

(I'm sorry to become late reply) :XD:
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Wow!!! Eri Kasamoto from Metal Slug is a SNK princess hero!! Eri Kasamoto from Metal Slug rocks!!
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yes! eri kasamoto is heroine in metalslug!
my favorite character. :D
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woah~ Bayonetta~~~ :D

heh, I see you'd go for an XBOX360 rather than PS3, eh? :meow:

though how I wish they'd release more metal slug games for PSP... T.T
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yes, I got info of rumor... :)

BAYONETTA of PS3 and XBOX played both. from that player's impression -

"better performance is XBOX360 version. disk seek time of XBOX360 version seems to be little than PS3 version."

but, if other metalslugs game, is released for PSP only...
that time, I buy PSP. :thumbsup:

and my lunch will become only cookie for a long time. [crunch crunch] :meow:
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lol! well, what can we expect?? XD XBOX sure runs good games compared to PS3, and yes we know that PS3 runs "blu-ray discs" =3=

haha yes^^ It's a good thing that they should release metal slug games for PSP~~

hehe, you'd be really sacrificing your lunch for that ^^;

as for me, I want to do art commissions here so that I can earn money^^
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