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Eri and Fio -Coffee Break-

this summer, I drew a cover of the Korean METALSLUG coterie magazine. :D
about coterie magazine, check it here.

METAL SLUG : Steel of the Snail - reVIEW - (ENG)
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ZeroTerraForce's avatar
Awesome! I love this one! really well done.
YHOTF's avatar
LOL have a break after battle Nice one dude..
laoyue's avatar
thanks! yes, coffee is heal fatigue of battle. let's drink coffee. :D
Wojskowa's avatar
Good to see that you are back :3

And your artwork... amazing!! :jawdrop: (as always :3)
laoyue's avatar
yes, I did not upload long time.
but I doing see every day deviantArt. yeah! :D
Wojskowa's avatar
<clapping with hands> :3
vagrantslasher17's avatar
woah, it's been like more than a year since you posted some artwork here on deviantart :D

anyways I must say~~ you've improved :D this one's much more cleaner than your previous works^^
laoyue's avatar
yes, is already around 1 year.
I got LevelUP? glad! :D
but I do more effort, for persons watching my Illustration.

of course I study the English language too!
... um, English is difficult, than Illustration! :XD:
vagrantslasher17's avatar
haha well you'll get the hang of English soon^^ you see, I also have a japanese friend (same age as me) and yeah, he speaks English MORE FLUENTLY than me XD

anyways yup, you indeed leveled up^^ it's been one year indeed^^ what kept you busy these days? XD

anyways be looking forward to your MS fanart!! :D pfff! I feel bad though because I still haven't done the MS fan art I promised you a long time ago :(
laoyue's avatar
>what kept you busy these days?
well, I training new art taste now. refer is "Scott Pilgrim".
you know? this is awesome American comics.
this taste, did catch my heart. I want this taste. :D

oh, your MS-fanart? haha, never mind! we have long long time.
but please draw it, before end of my life. *a joke* :)
vagrantslasher17's avatar
hahaha oh dear, you're still young to die, my friend XD and yeah XD heck I will draw an MS fan art for you! I promised, right? XD

heh, Scott Pilgrim ehh?? :iconthinkingplz: hmm~ I think it sounds familiar :D I better have a look at it^^
laoyue's avatar
yes, I'm still health. yeah! :dance:

please do its best at your pace. :D
stormthefox's avatar
Beautiful. I love the wrecked up Sarubia and Metal Slug in the background.
laoyue's avatar
war is no good, but feel of after smoke from breaking big machine is sentimental.
if that in the fantasy story, I like that like scene. :D
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