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Koga - #StartToFinish

By Laovaan
Hehe hear you can see my first sketch and how it became a watercolor piece :D
It's a patreon comission but I know the show inuyasha from my childhood x)
I think I liked miroku the most, who was your fave :D?
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Koga is such a hot dog boy! :3
Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar
This looks absolutely stunning! The coloring and details are breathtaking beautiful :love::rose::heart:
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My fav is Inuyasha ^^"" Im watching Inuyasha right now, cause only half the show was aired in germany T_T. I also liked Koga somehow. Crazy char indeed.

It's impressive how your art developed from sketch to the final result. Love the colours and attitude *-*
TheArtBardSodo's avatar

Great control of the watercolor. Very clean finish.


RyoLovesMe's avatar
I love your work!!!
And to answer your question on who my most favorite character(s) on Inuyasha were/are would be both Sesshomaru and Bankotsu.
THV4's avatar

could you draw jacksepticeye as a anime hero

Tiedandhung's avatar
This is my boiiii right here ❤️
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I'd have to agree with you, Miroku is my favourite too. :)
Arcialeth's avatar

damn... i make something different, sketch look better than finished version XD Love koga!

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who doesn't love koga ;w;
this is truly amazing
Sevel's avatar
awsome as always hach..reminds me that i still havent got the full series...
RelwarcTheMighty's avatar
I miss Inuyasha! Loved Koga! Can't really pick a fav character, I guess, lol!
Stefanie85's avatar
Awsome ! I like this Guy :-)

ScrapesGoat's avatar
the nice guy to end all nice guys
Viper-X27's avatar
You ever notice that Koga never once used his sword in the animé?
Tenshi-XIII's avatar

haha, nice work <3

my fav was sango and miroku :D but i see never the end from this anime..:/

FullmetalRoccia's avatar
Woooh!!! On amazon prime I watching the first and second season. Koga it's great character!
haiderxx-darkgroundx's avatar
wow thats amazing indeed hats off hmmm
mayuralover's avatar
I love Sango, she's just so bada**.
Pixiepastel94's avatar

this is so wicked!!!!! you're super badass my dear ;3

Eggroll1212's avatar
ooh Inuyasha getting some of the recognition for once, wow. 

Favorites were definitely Kagome, Kikyo, Inuyasha, Kanna, Kagur- y'know that's too many favorites. 
Beautiful drawing~ the initial sketch is really nice and so is the result! (^ D ^) (o - p)
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