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I am Lorde ya ya ya

lol the title, but that was the first thing that run through my mind since i watched southpark half an hour ago xD
but it has nothing to do with the picture :D
there is also a version of him without the skull tattoo..maybe  i will upload it here too,although i am not a big fan of submitting such similar artworks :'D
but on my fb-page i will definitely  upload it ^^go here
somehow i like the one with the tattoo better, it looks more....tribe like Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] 
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¡Looking Goode!

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He looks like Link...
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No...actuly Link have white skin and wears green chlothes....go to google images and after compare them. °H°
YouloudeFanyou's avatar
I'm talking about Link without his hat, I know what he looks like don't worry ahaha
I've already beaten 5 games of The Legend of Zelda ^^
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Ahh,I understand. You talked about his facial structure? :3

And cool! Them are great games! ^^
YouloudeFanyou's avatar
Yup ! And yeah they were amazing ! I really liked them
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это великолепно
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This is so cool! He reminds me of Eren Jaeger ^^
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That's a line from my favorite episode:XD:
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Bins bloß ich, oder sieht er dir irgendwie ähnlich XD?
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omg , this is so freakin' awesome *Q*
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Hnnnnnnnnnnnnn! He looks so goodd!!
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Oh my god this is awesome! He looks magnificent!
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thanks for reminding me to upload the makeup I did a while ago!…
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Ahhh this is really gorgeous :heart:
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hahahaah I had that song stuck in my head too yesterday
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhh <3 
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Woow he is handsome!!! 😍
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Wow, I'm thinking Link at a Dia de los Muertos parade.
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dude i love your work!!!!

how do you do the shading? mine never looks that good
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WOW! That's amazing!!! Chiyo Excited Icon 
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