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Draw this again

Some people of the good old animexx (german website) days might recognize the picture from 2009 :D
Its been a while and since the patreon comission of last month was axel I thought i give the draw this again challenge a try :)
My influence that time was :iconecthelian: now it is a mixture of :iconsakimichan:and :iconartgerm: :D
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Jaa, das Bild kommt mir bekannt vor, das habe ich damals sicher auf Mexx gesehen. Die neue Version ist auch sehr schön, aber sein Blick gefällt mir im alten Bild tatsächlich sogar besser.
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god, this is perfect
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Okay, for all those people who said that he hasn't improved and only his art style changed; please, let me punch you. Clearly, he HAS improved. Sure, the 2016 version has more of a realistic take, but that doesn't deny all the new skills he's learned over the years. His coloring skills definitely improved, and he pushed back the viewpoint as well. Also, the facial structure is more proportioned. Excellent job; and yep, this is definitely late, considering you post this in 2016... 
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Honestly, I'm willing to fight anyone that says the 2009 version was better. Obviously they're both good, but the artistic knowledge you have now is absolutely mind-blowing when you look at how far you've come. Beautiful work! 
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Man your just not as good as you used to be... Just kidding this made my eyes widen 
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The original looked more anime-like and the new one looks more realistic in my opinion, but I love them both! :D
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I prefer the old one, aside the more polished style and anathomics the new one has uncanny valley problem.
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The reason the one on the right (as AMAZING as it is) feels weird is because of the eyes (mostly). The one on the right feels more like a model posing (making themselves look sexy) rather than the one on the right. The issue is if Laotian feels like moving one eyebrow (preferably the right eyebrow) to be further up to show Axel as a playful person. Other than that, ITS GORGEOUS!!!
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I wish I could edit these things, I meant to say "rather than the one on the left"
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Axel - Great character. So serene and determined.
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I like the one on the left more, but only because it suites the cartoonish nature of kingdom hearts' characters more. That and realistic Axel just looks weird. Never the less, good work.
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Just judging from your drawing, I wouldn't necessarily say you improved unless you went for a realistic style in your 2009 version. It's just a different drawing style.

Other than that I do like the composition in the 2016 version more, pulling the viewpoint back a bit, and also having the character look directly at the viewer is much more attention grabbing. Good job!
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I think both of them are beautiful, you just changed the style :D
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you are improved a lotClap +fav +fav +fav 
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So often people's "Draw this again" pictures show little to no progress, but you can see a huge improvement in your 2016 pic. Good stuff, great pic!
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2009 looks better to me
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be careful who you bully in middle school
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The 2009 one was already a superb one tho
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wouaah le progres!!!
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I love both of them I am a huge kingdom hearts fan and I can't draw anything like that so again I love them both :)
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You can definitely see sakimichichan's influence in your work, from your skin texture all the way to how you shaded the eys ^^ Great improvement tho!
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