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He looks so cute in here and I also really like the background you have chosen. Well done :D
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u draw link so good
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nice work! like it! ^-^
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PONYTAIL... or should I say...
Epona tail... That sucked I'm sorry
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*gasp* sooo Amazehng XD *ded*
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I love the way he stare us! :) Link looks soo nice like that !
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Amazing ! I'm a fan of their work!<3
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good proportion, optimal application of light and color combination with the scenario.

very good Laovaan 
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Omg, does anyone know the exact date the game will be coming out?! I want it so badly!!!
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Late 2016.their pushing it back for cash grab princess upscaled.
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Naooo! Well, at least I'll get it at some point *crying* XD
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Augh, I wanna play the Wii U title so badly! Sadly it won't be release until next year...which I suppose is fitting? That's when the 30th anniversary for LoZ happens and they're putting in all their blood, sweat, tears and time into this one last I heard.
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Your art is really AMAZING!!! OMG...

:o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) 
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Link is really, really handsome in your style! ;__; 
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Awesome nice work!!
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The colours work so well together :D
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Wow, you paint Link so well I like how you used a reference but made the picture your own :)
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your link is so cute *v*
.. and also your boyfriend!
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Beautiful art :love:
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