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Aoba Playing Gameboy - Digital Version

So this is the digital version which almost killed me x'D 
It was so much work, it took almost a month Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3]  

I placed 9 game references, can you name them all :D?  but be aware some are pretty difficult Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] 

here is the copic version and also the making of  video of it  :3 Aoba Playing Gameboy - Copic Version by Laovaan

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I love your art so much!

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that tetris sign is genius!!!
Anime--Bunny's avatar
very great picture of aoba and Beni
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Woah so pretty, I love the look of this!~ <3
Is that a gameboy color? xD
Haven't seen one of those since I told mine like 2 years ago. xDD

Game references, I'm not too familiar so idk if I can, but Tetris, KingdomHearts, Mario, Cactaur, Pokemon Center, I take it that white dog must be off some game and that lightening bolt, and whatever that poster is at the back might be related to something. xD (Steam? maybe? Idk I don't use steam but something tirggered me to think part of that looked similar to their logo. xD) And Aoba himself I guess? xD
Lone-Wolf-of-Shadow's avatar
The white dog is Undertale. 
Voiii's avatar
Idk what undertale is minus he name, so that explains it! xD
Guess I'll have to look into it some day.
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Great!!! I love the colors!!!! Heart Heart Heart 
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AOBA-KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN Omg so cute Omg so cute Omg so cute Omg so cute Omg so cute Omg so cute 
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ohmagawd that's adorableee c::
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It's awesome!!
Ps.Love your annoying dog.
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:) this is great ;DDD both are good
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I love this version and the copic version!  Soo much to love! :love:
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You did such an amazing job, I really enjoy your art. :D
I got this as a poster at the Dokomo this year. I love it <3
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The shading on the jacket is perfect, pls teach me.

I love the copic/traditional version especially. It's really amazing to me how people can get marker techniques down so well.

Also I mostly play more obscure games, but I think I see final fantasy, pokemon, tetris, and mario(?).
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1. Blocks from Tetris
2. Annoying dog from Undertale
3. Well obvs Aoba and Beni from DRAMAtical Murder, which is a game... don't look it up if you're not prepared
4. Mushroom from Mario
5. Pokeball from pokemon
6. the crown is from... it's on the tip of my tongue... nnngg kingdom hearts!
7. the cactus looks so familiar... uh.. uh, final fantasy right?

8. the red green purple thing..... I don't know where it's from
9. that lightning bolt is from somewhere I'm sure... but don't know where though

Could you provide me of the answers?
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red green purple thing is zelda,
over that mario mushroom is a butterfly, which is from life is strange also near the thunderbolt is a crystal of chrashbandicoot:) 
the rest is correct ^-^

but the thunderbolt was a trap, it is just pixel art,so no specific game  xD
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ooh I didn't even notice the butterfly! or the crystal. Thank you for telling me!
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Amazing! It's surprising to see that the digital version isn't very different from the traditional one (I mean the shades look so similar :O)
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I loved this anime. Even though it made me cry. A lot.
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