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the peasant

face practice
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My heart melted now this is so precious
UnluckyAmulet's avatar
She reminds me a lot of Eponine from Les Miserables. Beautiful~
ghealf's avatar
wow.. awesome! this is great. :O
Moone-Vampyre's avatar
This has been the inspiration for a character I was making, thank you :D
pralinkova-princezna's avatar
My favourite part is the hair, very fluffy and soft-looking.
ThallenCambricaltran's avatar
Wow, that's beautiful... There is so much emotion in how you did the picture, and the lighting really adds to its mood. (I am also a little jealous, because I can't draw people at all, lol.) I love how you drew the hair as well, those light curls that come over her shoulders. It looks so real!
Tenkamchi-Sama's avatar
this feels a lot like me...

love the rain, love the blouse, love her lips and the hand...

so beautiful!
Betakamo's avatar
Beautiful drawing!!

One question - Did you make the water drops yourself, or are they from a photo? x)
Lily-Pammant's avatar
This is veeeeeery beautiful...
DisturbingGreen's avatar
I love all your works. :D This one is so atmospheric and emotional. 
wings--of--hope's avatar
Wow... Just wow...
Threshie's avatar
Beautiful and soft paining style. :heart: I love the lighting, the pose, and the raindrop overlay is a great touch that is very well-done! =)
TotallyAwesome12's avatar
this is stunningly beautiful and filled to the brim with feeling!
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R3alizing's avatar
Beautiful, but.... I would like it much more without the raindrops =/
Dionisante's avatar
KseniyaKinaru's avatar
I can't stop looking at this image! The expression of her face is especially eye-catching... This portrait is so full of emotions... It makes me have goosebumps!
rocknjade77's avatar
so soft and inviting~
Kelrisa's avatar
A beautfiul line :)
canpassion's avatar
:clap: Wonderful... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: J'adore. :) :love: :heart:
silvith's avatar
I thought this would be Death of the Endless, by Neil Gaiman ... :) The girls looks so much like her!
NekoWashu's avatar
This may be practice but you managed to capture a lot of emotion here. It really reached out and grabbed me. No pun intended, seriously. I want to rescue her. OuO
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