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Head shot tutorial

a lil' bit too early........
the last submission for this year
buh-bye 2008

a simple tutorial considering I never make a complete tutorial before
Nobody asked this, but it will be important for me also if only someday I forgot how to paint:D

I can't explain many things, the whole process almost the same with many many tutorials out there
it's very very basic
There are thousands of better tutorial

My old brown hair tutorial:: [link]

My inspiration is mostly from Super Dolfie (BJD), whether for the face or make ups

The character is Yuuki, one of the head-shot commission for Carola-chan
I choose Yuuki because I like him the best. I do save the step to step progress of the other two, but I lost one (Maaya) because I accidentally clicked save in unproper condition and it's gone:dead:

Yuuki is © Carola-chan

The submitted deviation:: [link]
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Oh my god! This is excatly what I need! Thanks you so much dear!!
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Cool, Thanks!
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very much appreciated...thx
RedSwordman777's avatar
mbantu banget. thx :iconawwyeaplz:
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This is really helpful, thank you <3
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awesomee, helpful!
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I featured your tutorial in #AnimeCommunity tutorial feature journal: [link] :aww:
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What program are you using? o3o
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They are using Corel Painter. ^^
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THIS IS SO AWESOME :iconiwantitplz:
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This looks very helpful thanks!
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niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee :3
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the most helpfull tut for coloring white hair iv seen (lets see if this will help me with mari) thank you for the advice
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this tutorial was extremely helpful ^^ but i have a question about the lineart. did you have to separate the lineart from the white background or did you just paint right on top of it? and also at the end did you remove the lineart?
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Thanks for sharing!i have pay attention to you for a long time .

really love your work!Words can not describe my excitement !(because of my poor English)

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this is unbelievable thank you for your time!!!!
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This is amazing. Thank you so much<333
Your artwork is gorgeous. Q//u//Q
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He looks like the kid from Game Of thrones XD
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very interesting tutorial! :D
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