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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2014, 4:26 PM
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+[F2U] Commission: open+ by Hunibi  +[F2U] Art Trade: open+ by Hunibi

Chibi by LanternLeaf
Chibi Samples by LanternLeaf
Chibi Prices by LanternLeaf

Busts by LanternLeaf
Busts Samples by LanternLeaf
Busts Prices by LanternLeaf

Half Body by LanternLeaf
Half Body Prices by LanternLeaf

Full Body by LanternLeaf
Full Body Samples by LanternLeaf
Full Body Prices by LanternLeaf

I have no problem with interracial couples, homosexuality, or anything really, but there are a few things a won't draw just because I don't want to. 
I WILL NOT draw anything against the general rules of DeviantART. I WILL NOT draw porn or anything NSFW. I WILL NOT draw an OC that is designed to be a part of a preexisting story that you are NOT the author of (i.e. Your fan character for Bleach or Naruto). I WILL NOT draw fanart unless I like the show in which case I'll just draw it without being commissioned. I don't want to be paid for that, but feel free to suggest something as long as you don't mind being turned down if it turns out I don't want to. I reserve the right to refuse your commission if for some reason unstated here that I don't feel comfortable drawing it. That being said I don't normally do that so please feel free to commission me! :D

  Commission Stamp +Decline+ by TheOG-RB 
+[F2U] Requests: closed+ by Hunibi  +[F2U] Collaboration: open+ by Hunibi

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