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I have to tell you I won't submit much Disney stuff anymore, mainly because I notice I lost my interest for Mickey Mouse. This also means I'll stop the MxM Love! series. 
It feels so weird, my whole life I've been a huge fan of Mickey... :( (Sad)  Don't understand me wrong, I still like Mickey! It's just my interest that has faded... 

Maybe I'll submit other kinds of art later, like schoolstuff or fanart (depends on what I like at that time, at the moment the Marx Brothers Meow :3 )
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It happens. Having another interest means you've found something more to talk or think about! Like me for example: I used to like the Mario Bros. a lot since I was seven years old, now I'm all into Mickey Mouse and Disney. But that still doesn't mean I don't like the Mario Bros. anymore. I'd still play them when I feel like it. You know what I mean?
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It's exactly what I mean! Nod 
I just hope I don't dissapoint you guys to much...