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Donald's Ice Cream

By lansiko
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Inspired by the Mickey Mouse short 'Tapped out', where Pete drops Donald's nachos.
He looked so sad in a cute way, so I thought: why not draw him as a toddler with an ice cream instead of nachos?

This is the first time I drew Donald Duck! His beak really is hard to draw!

I'm not fond of the new Mickey Mouse short, but this is one of my favourites! So funny how Donald protected his nachos and even blew like a cat when Mickey nearly touched them!

Donald Duck (C) The Walt Disney Company
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My favorite part of this was actually when he was beating the shit out of Pete
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for some reason i cried
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Poor Donald! :( Nice work! :)
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this is how i look when i drop my ice cream ;~;
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I feel so bad for him XDD
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Excellent job drawing his beak BTW. :D
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Thank you!

Well, maybe it's a bit cheating, because I seeked a movie fragment (Three Musketeers) where Donald looks the same. I redrew that scene but with Donald's usual clothes :) (Smile) 
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That's okay in my book, just as long as you credit Disney. :)
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Nooooooooo! This isn't OK AT ALL! (buys a new ice cream cone for Donald)
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Cutie Donald  < Thank you! 
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You're very welcome, Donald! <3
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Awww, bless your heart. Hug 
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Poor Donald.  :(
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Awww...poor Donald. <:)
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