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• Novalis is a prominent character in my original story, Ashes: The Soul Stone

• he is not for sale, and anyone trying to sell my OCs to you is not only scamming you but being a dishonest art thief

• you do NOT have permission to use him for your own role plays, fanfictions or to pretend that he's your OC to use however you want in ANY other way

EDIT: Due to the continued theft of this character even WITH watermarks on it, I will be putting on even more severe and invasive watermarks on every picture. I will not respond to theft by removing the original images as they contain proof in timestamps that I am the original owner and creator of these designs. Congratulations to those few idiots who have not only ruined my fan character designing hobby for myself, but for everyone else that I share my work with to enjoy. Thanks to them I can no longer risk posting clean art of fan characters or fan art in the future, if it's something I care enough about being stolen and having people taking credit for my work.

Started drawing this in a joint livestream with Centchi yesterday, worked on it all day and just added the finishing touches today hehe. I tried going more painterly than cellshaded but it just looks like the same crap to me idk :iconpapmingplz: /has been looking at it for too long

Novalis © Lanmana/Melissa Lee
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Wait a minute!!! I remember something I saw this on a YouTube channel yours OC Suck and I saw your OC on there I does it your OC to be suck it’s beautiful :3