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Bulbasaur's Vine Whip


Art © Lanmana/Melissa Lee
Pokemon © Nintendo/Gamefreak
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© 2012 - 2021 Lanmana
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i got this image tattooed on my body

thought you should know
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wow, this is awesome! The pose is grandios.
Also I really like the texture on the leaves, really cool work.
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Thank you! ^^
Hi Lanmana, I am working on a Bulbasaur digital, and while searching for "vine whip" reference images, I came across your work. I must say, this is almost exactly how I envisioned the image coming out. I still have a loooong way until I will capture the depth that you have here. I also absolutely love the edgy style you bring to your Pokemon paintings - I feel like they toe the line just between a more adult version of the game/show while keeping the cartoon look. The cherry on top is the blur you placed over the vine whipping right into our face. Thank you so much for your work and the inspiration. Truly awesome work!
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I'm glad you enjoy it! ^^
Thnx for the nice art!!!
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Bulbasaur was always awesome. I played as him all the time in pokemon mystery dungeon.
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he's all like ISLAPYOU!
That's some of the best fanart of Pokemon I've ever seen o.O
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This is really the best Bulbasaur-drawing I have ever seen! You are a genius! :hug:
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Haha thanks~
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Your art is so awsome it inspired me to make this for myself. What do you think? [link]
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Looks nice~

makes me want to decorate my laptop too haha
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This is awesome! Are you planning on doing any other pokemon pictures?
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I was planning to when I drew these, I'll think about it. I still do draw pokemon here and there though.
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Awesome, I look forward to seeing them when you get round to it! :)
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Beautiful color use. :)
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Nice perspective!
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