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TTC Streetcar

Illustration of a TTC streetcar, rendered in Illustrator.

Paint design modified from what they currently use; and new, original logo designed.
Part of a conceptual information design package for the TTC.

Reference used for the streetcar.
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© 2006 - 2021 Lanisatu
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so you work for the ttc?

i like the new paintjobs they have on some of them,
i saw a 504 king with a mural on it the other day,
i'm hoping they do change their current paint scheme,,,

anyway, great technical drawing....

here's another view of one if you don't mind me sharing...

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No, I don't work for the TTC.

This was part of a conceptual package, as I said in my comment. The project was completed when I was in college, for my Information design course.

Thanks though :)
I like yours too. It's much shinier than I've ever seen a TTC vehicle get, so it looks nicer than the real thing.
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thank you...
yes ttc's should be more shinier, shouldn't they
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It would look nice, but I don't think it would last. Especially not in the winter. The streets get too dirty :(
Of course, the white parts of the paint job probably have something to do with that.

Have you seen the Viva buses in York Region? They're pretty nice looking (and shiny). I can't say I like the shelters very much though. They're pretty, but not environmentally practical. They don't shield people from wind, snow, or rain very well at all.
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no, i'm actually new to the city, so i haven't really been anywhere except for downtown...and etobicoke....woooooo
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The farthest south you'll see Viva buses are at Downsview, Finch, and Don Mills stations. Viva is relatively new, a little under two years I think. It's more for high-traffic routes.

You can see what the buses look like on their website (I'd give you a direct link, but its Flash)
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wow, those are ice buses!!
they're like jet liners

sure beats the 'kneeling bus' as it's called, though i've never actually seen it kneel
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Yeah, they're nice inside and out :)
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