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NOCTE YIN - Anti-Everything

I read Nocte Yin - first book to the fifth - on a certain month in 2012. I fell in love with it.
So I made fanart. There's 3 images in my gallery, and loads more on tumblr. One of the bigger ones was this:… , and last year, the lovely writer told me she was using it as a book cover.

Due to my, ahem, 'beautiful' drawing skills back then, I was very hazukashii and decided to offer to draw a new book cover.

That was near the end of last year, and I'm finally done.

Give it a go?
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t-h-e-p-o-i-n-t's avatar
The Keys are still stunning, and I love the floating action of her clothes.
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Thank you so much! I changed the colours of the dress from purple/black to white/black so it shows Nocte's conflict of evil and good (and yellow/green is for Doctor but shhh!)
t-h-e-p-o-i-n-t's avatar
You've colour coded the characters? >_< That's AWESOME!
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haha yes aman is a brilliant red and an earthy brown and mei feng is all jade and pink and chantee is all happy yellow and rose-gold

I just have loads of headcanons and little tidbits about each of them in my head okay??!
t-h-e-p-o-i-n-t's avatar
Totes okay! Have headcanons! I have headcanons in my head about my own work...(that should never see the light of day)...
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This is an awesome thing that left me speechless.
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Hehe, it's your turn next! Expect great things and they will one day happen.
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[muffled squee is heard in the background]
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