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Hello, guys! 

I wanted to give a more clear idea of how I'm going to tackle coming back to DA, now that I've had time to think about it. Before I do, though, I have a couple quick things to say.

1. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Ugh, I've forgotten how sweet and supportive and friendly you guys are. It's been such a joy catching up with a lot of my old friends, and hearing from some new ones! It's nothing less than incredibly encouraging. 

2. I'd forgotten how much beautiful art is on here. It's been so awesome going through all the people's art I've missed over the years! It's been nice to revisit some art I used to love as well. It's just... oh my gosh, you guys are all so talented and wonderful and I love you. Crying 

Okay, that out of the way, as the title says... HERE'S THE PLAN:

I'm going to start building up a portfolio. Once I feel like I have one or two good examples each of what I'm willing to offer, I'll start opening commissions again. Expect some new and different stuff from me in the near future, but don't worry. I'm sure some familiar styles/faces will make an appearance. 

In  the mean time, most of my art is officially going in to storage starting tomorrow, and I'll slowly be going through and organizing. I'll un-store whatever I want to keep on DA, but a lot of older art is probably heading to storage for good. That'll be a whole process, though, so don't get the wrong idea! I'm still not entirely sure how that's gonna go.

I'm going to primarily be focusing on my own growth as an artist. I'll be exploring new styles, working on backgrounds and anatomy, and trying to come up with more creative/original art. I can honestly only hope for the best, but I likely will be WAY more open to critiques on some of the new art and would certainly love to hear about any advice/tutorials/resources that have helped you guys!

All right, I think that's the gist of it. Long story short, art's going in storage for now, new art's coming, commissions coming soonish.   

Hope you all had an excellent weekend! 



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I missed your birthday 

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Happy Birthday! :)
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Happy Birthday
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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday!  I miss your presence here on dA.  I hope you're doing well! :huggle:
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday hun x
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Happy Early Birthday.
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I miss you, Lanie
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