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Splashing Water - gift art

This here is a kiriban/belated b-day present/early X-mas present or, just a simple gift art for my good friend :iconyazuka:. :)

It started as a doodle, but suddenly I liked what I saw so I continued to doodle. Admittedly there are a lot of mistakes (please don't point them out) but I kinda like the sketchiness of it all. :) The towel is a bit so-so, foldings are hard T_T, and the water, well, whatever. :P I hope you guys knew it was water despite the title.

This was done in Painter IX, I used 5 layers and drew it all with my Wacom Intuos 3. I hope you like :iconyazuka:! :D

Oh and I hope no one minds the "flab of fat" I drew on her. Jeez, she's anorectic already, but when you push your body in such an angle, believe or not (guys particularly ;)), a flab of skin occurs in that particular spot. Just a little touch of realism I wanted to add, apart from her foot that turned out surprisingly well though I had no reference. Could it be I'm getting better at drawing feet? :D
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lania's avatar
Thanks. ^_^
Yazuka's avatar
Oh, thank you very much. It turned out great. :D
But I never expected you would make a picture like this. XD >_>

But thank you very much, I really like it. ^^
lania's avatar
Oops, too naked for ya? ^^; Sorry...
Glad you like it despite the naked-factor though. ^^
Yazuka's avatar
Haha, no no its fine. I'm just no to used seeing girls, drawing girls naked.
You know its one of those things, where you think that others won't do. Just got a little startled.
So don't worry I really liked it. Naked or not. As long as you continue to draw the way you do it doesn't matter if they have clothes or not. ^^
lania's avatar
I thought you had seen all the other naked girls (and one boy!) in my gallery already, and was sort of prepared of what could happen. :)
I drew KOS-MOS naked, for example, hope you don't mind that. ;)
I don't really understand why girls "can't" draw naked girls, or why people think we don't. I mean, we know the female body better than anyone else, so why the hell not, you know? :XD: Also, girls are prettier than boys (no offence) and are fun to draw with all the curves. :)
Yeah, girls are nice, clothed ones too. ;)
Yazuka's avatar
Haha, yeah. I don't know. Just a stupid thing I have on my mind.
Mm, I know. Nobody knows a girls boy like a girl, but as I said I don't know why. Its just some stupid thing that stuck on my mind.
No worries, I think girls are prettier than boys. :D and I could draw better I'd only draw girls to, at least try.

And I've said it before, girls with some clothes are nicer looking than girls without.
There is a certain sexappeal when they are clothed. I better stop now before I make an even bigger ass of myself. XD
lania's avatar
Haha, you're not an ass. :D
I guess you can see the naked girls I draw as part of my laziness. Cause I don't draw them to be sexy, I just draw them naked cause sometimes that's easier than drawing them with clothes. Um, yeah. :P I have a hard time making clothes look real.

And I was actually drawing a completely different gift art for you, but then this happened. But hopefully I'll finish that other pic someday and you'll get to see it too. :)
Yazuka's avatar
Hehe, thats good to hear. :D
Mmm, drawing clothes are hard. :/

Oh, that sounds interesting. Looking forward to see that picture some day. :D
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