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Keepin it real. Real 90s. My N64 drawn in graphite with a hint of colored pencil for great justice
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Hello, old friend...
(Consoles Can't Be Friends...)
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this brings back memories I loved playing this with my cousins when I was little.
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So cool. When video games were simple. You did pay for extra content, you unlocked it or used gameshark.  If it didnt load, just blow on the bottom of the game and try again. Ha :-)
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Man, if i could draw like that...
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I've been a proud owner of a much loved 64 for about ten years and I've been through like three controllers >XD
Yay for retro gaming X3
You did an excellent job btw, the shading is perfect!
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maybe this is late but, im gonna buy a print when i get my job! :D hang it in my living room.
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i love the way that u can draw what u see and transfer it to paper.epic win!nice shading btw!
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I miss the 90's. I don't remember most of it, but what I do remember I won't forget because they were AWESOME MEMORIES!! ...especially memories with the N64.
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you better get N or get out.
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fucking beautiful
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:O That's...just...AWESOME!! :D
great shading and detail!
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The epicest console ever made.
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Very well done! I like the colours on the logo.
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woah, this is really cool! :D i love the details and the contrast, and the hint of color really makes this stand out! :dance:
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"WHERE'S THE LIKE BUTTON?!?!?!" oh wait.. i guess its fave for this site! XPP magnificent job! i would say good memories, but im still playing N64 games today! haha.. great shading!
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nice work well done that is an awesome job
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nice pencils

def. makes me miss the 90's, i only wish i was older when the times were good
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