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If any of y'all have dat Facebook I have created a page for my cosplays as well as my video work. If you want go throw a 'like' its way and go check it out!

Mandy (langarang) and Lily (mistusugar) are working on Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan music videos and art work while discussing the series as well as other nerdy topics. Come chat with us!

PG-13 recomm.…

One of Boise, Idaho's longest standing cosplay group Ellipsis Cosplay now has a facebook page! Follow us in our progress, performances, videos, and general shennanigans! Thanks so much for the support :)!…
Don't know if there are any Gankutsuou fans here, but I made a small tribute to this amazing little anime, and I'd just like to share :3! HD viewing please!
Finished another tribute to Monkey X Trip from Enslaved, but this time with a different theme, and a different time limit. A fun project :3!

"The World is Ours"
Game: Enslaved Odyssey to the West
Song: "Monster" by Paramore…

Thanks for watching <3 Please watch in HD, and like, comment, subscribe :D
Yesterday after beating Crisis Core (yeah I know, it came out like two years ago) I was so moved by Zack's "end" that I immediately knew what I wanted to edit next. This is my Zack Fair tribute vid (more details on the video description itself).

Tell me what you think--thoughts--critiques, ect. In part this was a late birthday present to my friend Momo who, like me, loves this character a lot.

~Watch in HD please!~

~~Zack Fair- Death of a Hero~~…
Alright everyone-- humor me for 4 minutes while I share with you my Enslaved: Odyssey to the West music vid that I have finally finished! This project was started during Christmas break. I dropped it when school, and cosplay started to roll, and picked it up again about a week ago. Finally got it finished, rendered, and I want to share!

Even if you're not familiar with Enslaved--I invite you to watch anyway. Hopefully this perks some interest in you to rent/purchase the game! Read the descrip to get some more details on my thoughts, programs I used, ect:3! WATCH IN HD.

"Chemicals Between Them"…

(ALSO: PSSSSST--Subscribe :3)

While I have free time in the summer I'm trying to learn new editing programs as well as freshen up, and learn new techniques before the semester starts. My favorite thing to work with is gaming footage, and anime footage. However, I'm currently in the process of planning a tribute video to some of my best friends, and our cosplay journey this last year. Other than that here's what I'm planning or currently working on:

-Black Butler
-Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
-Ellipsis Cosplay year 2010-2011 tribute vid
-Alice: Return to Madness
The 4th of July was a weird one in that I lost someone I loved so dearly (my grandmother), and was also rewarded with the news that me and my Ellipsis Cosplay lovelies were ranked second place in the Alaplaya hosted S4 League contest.

Bitter sweet considering the news I had received earlier that morning.
Ha, but that's life right? There's always a bit of light after some bad news.

My grandmother always supported me in anything I did, and told me shortly before her passing how proud she was of me despite all my successes and failures in school, my hobbies--including cosplay.  She couldn't be more proud of the woman I was becoming. She encouraged me to pursue my passions, and work my hardest towards my goals.

I'll miss her SO much, but I have her memory, and words with me to guide me to a better tomorrow--a better me.
Love you, Mems.