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BathRoom TG

By LanFang
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Check the water in your bath first. Or it can change you.
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What S/he is thinking, 'OH no! This isn't happening! That shriveled up old prune really did curse me! Why did I go through Nerima?'
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Cool!!! A vagina in progress! Never seen that before!!! Foxy Intensifies Chat Icon CHICA INTENSIFIES chat icon Estonia emote Kill La Kill Icon: Mako Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) Wow, revision Frozen Fever - Wow! Anna's Surprise Icon TOP Crazy Surprise fella (Smileys) Kill La Kill Icon: Satsuki 5 Lee Donghae Approves 
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If i may ask do you take requests? 😻 sorry i know it is very annoying i am just wondering because how epic and hot your art looks!
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oh my gosh what is in this bath oli of my sister girlfrends i've changed i'm a girlie inow i've got breast and a pussy oh my this feel's so good so right playing with my new breast and now my pussy is all wet this just must be what a female orgasm feel's like oh i just love this feeling coming like a girlie oh oh i think i've got to pee oh my that means i have to sit down and pee like a girl since now i no longer habve a penis oh what is that gloing to be like sitting to pee fro the rerst of my life oh well i
m sure i can get used to that have a pussy is so very difernt but i already like have it all smooth down here having a slit instead of a horid penis whicvh come to think of i never really did want at all having a pussy is oh so much better i like being a girlie at long last
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shut up dude.We all know you want to be a girl but...just stop
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No grammar for you
Quantumized's avatar
That genital change looks painful.
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are panties comfy and are black cocks bigger then white cocks
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Nice detail on the changing genitalia, most people wouldn't do that sort of detail.
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do so forth I like your job
Yuukiw's avatar
and watching
tommycurl's avatar
male to female or the other way around and i want more details
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I also want one so bad
Electromechanical high as for the soap? :-)
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I wouldn't mind at all, heck, I would dive in.
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Hmph... I just have to ask: the groin; is that still turning into what I think it's turning into? Because if that is, that's pretty amazing detail (it's a good thing, trust me, I'm a fan of TG :P)
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Another vote for a sequence. Even if you just add a before and after, with this being the only in-between shot, it would still be awesome.
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I'll add my voe then.
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Say bye, bye to willy.
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I wouldn't mind soaking in that water. :heart:
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Where can i get that water lol.
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Ohhhhhhh that would be awsome!
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A sequence of this would be awesome.
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I'd be happy if it changed me into Amy or blaze then I'd be like sweeeeeeet
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