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Bully tg Chapter 1 (story)


Bully tg Chapter 1 (story)

 Karl adjusted his hat as he waited for his brother to catch up. Every summer, Karl and his younger brother, David, went on a camping trip.  Sadly, this would be the last trip they would do together, since Karl had just graduated and he was moving out to go to college.  This was a four day trip.  Karl finally saw his brother making his way up the trail. David was two years younger than Karl at the age of 16.  He was skinny and preferred to reading and video games to sports.  On the other hand, Karl was well built and loved sports.  Even though the brothers were completely opposite, they got along really well.  They helped each other out whe

15 punishments -TG


Chris TG into Makoto


The Haruhi armband


Heath class girl


Heath class girl

Jack had just gotten into class and he was already bored. Jack was a little short for his age and stood about 5 feet tall. He had green eyes and light brown hair. He was also 17 and wore striped shirts and some khaki shorts. For the most part he was just like any other teen just getting thought life. Right now he was in his health class and his teacher was talking about the female. "Why is she going on about the female body? The breasts are the best part." He though like most boys do. As she went on about the female body he started to close his eyes from how bored he was. He tried to fight it but in the end the sleep got him and h

Schoolgirl TG


Schoolgirl TG

A group of boys walked into the gym. "What the heck are we doing here?" One boy said "The principle called us in here." Another boy said So of the boys didn't know each other so they decided to introduce themselves. "My name is Shawn." The boy said "My name is Jeff." Another boy said "I am his brother Jack I am a year older." The boy said "I am Tyler nice to meet everyone." The say boy said "So why are we here?" Shawn said "I heard that they are planning to change the school to only girls." Jack said "Does that mean we have to switch schools?" Jeff said This left all of the boys in wonder of what might happen to them. Suddenly a vo
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