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Newest Hair 2

So recently did my hair... again. XD


razor brush
napalm orange hair dye
bleeeeeeeach *w*

In picture-

Sun Conure (HIME!)
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Apr 30, 2010, 2:55:00 PM
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DietSoDuh's avatar
How long did the orange stay vibrant? I want to get some again soooo bad, but last time it faded within a few days.
lane-nee-chan's avatar
RAW apricot stayed bright for weeks! I always recommend RAW. If you can find some yellow/red and mix -or- find an actuall orange one (tough!) I will work well :).

Oh, and maybe get a bottle of napalm orange special effects. If the RAW isn't vibrant enough, dye the orange in napalm. It will be red/orange for a few days hen be neon neon orange for about a week :)
DietSoDuh's avatar
Is the raw tough on hair?
lane-nee-chan's avatar
Semi and demi perminent dyes aren't tooooo bad.
DietSoDuh's avatar
Alright, thanks a lot!
obbyilytoo's avatar
Wow, a sun conure.
Holy crap, I haven't seen a lot of people that own one. - I own three myself. xD
But I love your hair, it really suits you.
lane-nee-chan's avatar
Haha! Yeah I own a sun conure and eclectus male parrot- we are a bird family! So cool! Thanks!!
obbyilytoo's avatar
We were actually going to get a female & male eclectus and breed them, buuut we needed a lisence and mum was all "Psh, screw that," and we ended up with sun conures, a cockatiel and an Indian ringneck. The youngest one out of the three Sun conures looks like Hime. x]
lane-nee-chan's avatar
You don't need a licence where I live to do that XD just a license when buying a bird that is not weened yet =P woot! But that sucks! Awww! My cockatiel Paulie died, and I got Hime after my blue indian ringneck died XD Haha that might be because hime is only a year old =D
ChiNekio's avatar
awww.... kissy...
ominousglowsophia's avatar
i loooove your hair... :D
H2expert's avatar
beautiful, it goes well with ur.Absolutly beautiful + so is the little bird on ur shoulder.Awww
lane-nee-chan's avatar
Thank you thank you! Haha Hime the little gal on my shoulder says thanks too ;D haha
H2expert's avatar
no problem.I just think that it is..Hehehe+to Hime 2"Whos a pretty bird, yes u r, yes u r"^^
lane-nee-chan's avatar
Haha! =D She is eating a peanut right now so she can't come to the computer now lolol jk XD
H2expert's avatar
Is she...Awwwww how cute ^^
H2expert's avatar
hehe^^, yeah. Anyway what have u been up to over the bank holiday?

lane-nee-chan's avatar
there is a bank holiday?! =P
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