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Edit: Stream over! Thanks to all who stopped by!

I’m streaming right now on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel! Link to Stream!

The stream will last today (January 4th) from 3-5 PM Eastern // 12-2 PM Pacific.

Feel free to stop by and ask questions and chat!

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Man, it's been so long! I've been busier than I expected this year, which I'm grateful for, but I sure do miss being as active on here as I used to be.

I have an idea I'd like to try, though, involving an old twitter account I made ages ago that I haven't been using. I'd like to try using it for sketches and wip's too rough to post here, as I feel guilty that I haven't been too active on here lately, and I'd like to be a bit more active again.

So, follow me here for sketches and (hopefully) more frequent updates!

I tried uploading some things to it today and make the profile somewhat presentable, but not much is there now. Just a few personal sketches, a GW2 scrapped Charr sketch, and two finished works from a while ago, just so the page isn’t all sketches. I have a number of things I’d like to post, but I didn’t want to just spam a bunch there all at once. More will come!

I’m just trying it out for now and am not entirely certain I’ll continue using it, but if I do, I would like to try and do some fun events that would be more difficult to manage on deviantart or tumblr. I’m mainly thinking of something like a free art night every once in a while, where I can do a sketch or painting request of a randomly chosen OC’s or fan character for fun. I totally stole this idea from one of my favorite artists, the always-amazing Silverfox. :) He makes it look so fun!

I hope everyone's having a great summer! Or whichever season it is for you. :)

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Is it that time of the year already? It is! Holidays 

For the :iconboys-exchange: Thank you for the invite!

Below is my wishlist with some ref sheets of my characters. Yes, you read that right - I'm actually listing a few of my own characters this year. Shocking! Shockingly embarrassing, haha. I'm still kind of shy to share info about my characters. I think this is the first time I've put text info about any of them online. So, if you've ever wondered about any of them, these could be fun to look through. I only listed the ones where I have a decent amount of art examples, or are male, as per the group's theme!

I sadly don't have proper ref sheets for them, so I hastily put together some using finished or wip paintings, plus random or old drawings I have lying around. Some of the art is a little old, but should be adequate to use as reference (I hope. I'm so sorry).

They each have a bit of info about each character. Arquel's strangely turned out the longest. I think I've finally settled on a design for Spectros' anatomy that hopefully doesn't look too ridiculous. It was lucky that I had been working on his anatomy last month before I knew about the SS deadline, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to make a ref for him in time.

I'm going to run away in shame now due to some of the old work in these ref sheets D:

Dear Secret Santa,

Please choose whoever you like best! Any of them will make me happy, just draw how you normally do. :heart: The outfits are not final designs, so feel free to change/add/remove clothes/armor or other things - you have complete artistic freedom. Most of all, have fun! And do whatever will make you happiest and enjoy the painting/drawing. :floating:

Solo Characters

*I made the ref sheets quite large so they'd be easier to look through - make sure you're viewing the full size file, otherwise the images & text will look tiny!


Ref sheet: Spectros ref sheet
Larger/additional paintings: 1 2 3


Ref sheet: Exodus ref sheet
Larger versions of paintings: 1 2 3
Misc: The top-left image in the ref sheet is his current horn design, but feel free to change or base it off a real-life animal's horns if you prefer.


Ref sheet: Corveil ref sheet


Ref sheet: Arquel ref sheet
Larger versions of paintings: 1 2  3
Hair Length:…


Ref sheet: Kurt ref sheet
Larger versions of paintings: 1 2
Misc: His appearance and hairstyle are all over the place due to the age of these drawings. The top-left image in the ref sheet is most current, but feel free to draw whichever version appeals to you most.


Coto mini ref sheet
He's kind of a bonus entry, because I only have one recent image of him.

Multiple Characters

If you would like to draw more than one character, feel free to choose either of the two below. You can draw them platonically (as friends/rivals/whichever), or something more if that will make it more fun for you. ;p You could also choose two different characters than those listed below, I am not picky. :floating:

Spectros and Kurt

Ref sheets:
Spectros ref sheet
Kurt ref sheet
Ref of them together
One more of them together

Relationship: They're very good friends, and have known each other for years. They rely on the trust they've built for each other.

Corveil and Kurt

Ref sheets:
Corveil ref sheet
Kurt ref sheet

Relationship: They haven't met, but Kurt has been a great admirer of Corveil's research for years. If they ever did meet, Kurt would go to great lengths to try and impress him. Corveil would find the attention irritating and do his best to avoid or ignore him.

If Kurt was persistent enough to force Corveil to pay attention to him, he would probably be rewarded with cruel and condescending words toward Kurt's research. Kurt would probably try to act like he wasn't hurt, but he'd choke up and leave Corveil awkwardly and probably cry afterward, haha. Corveil would find that bemusing, and not feel sorry at all.

Thank you, Santa! I look forward to whatever you've chosen to draw for me, and hope you have fun in the process.

- Landylachs
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I don't have a Wii U so I haven't played it, and I was very ambivalent toward it, but then I saw THAT TRAILER (THIS ONE) and all amounts of internal childhood glee happened. That trailer is so unassuming in the beginning, and then BAM it casually hits you over the head in epic proportions (I also have a strong urge to draw those owl monsters in the beginning now). It's the first game that made me actually WANT a Wii U. I'll so be playing that when I get one, like a decade from now (haha).

The music actually gave me shivers, then I looked it up and found David Wise had returned! So that explains it! I have subsequently been listening to the soundtrack via youtube for the past three or four days while working, and holy crap, can David Wise score all of Nintendo's IP's? Especially Zelda? Skyward Sword's soundtrack was so disappointing - a few strong themes, but as an overall score it was very weak and forgettable.

But NOT DKC: TF. Oh man. Good soundtrack. Goooood soundtrack. Extremely fresh but with just enough nostalgic seasoning to tug at your childhood heartstrings. Haven't come across an entire game OST I liked this much in a while - love almost every single track I've heard.

Here are two of my favorites:

Seashore War:…
Scorch 'N' Torch:…

Dear Secret Santa

Thu Oct 10, 2013, 9:47 PM


(I am part of a Secret Santa this year, below is the template for my wish list with descriptions and refs for some characters. Ignore if such things disinterest you. ;)
I was originally going to list some of my characters, but I actually do not really have clear references of any of them, haha. I tried to choose some characters with designs that would be fun to draw, rather than my favorites, which probably only a few peculiar people like myself enjoy drawing *cough*Domon, Kyoji, Gremio, etc.*cough*. xD
On the bright side, I was able to utilize a silly Suikoden fanpage I made many years ago when I had no idea how to write code, so there's that.)

Dear Secret Santa,

I would very much like it this year if you could draw me any of these characters:

1. Luc (Suikoden series)
References: Multiple official art refs here
Wiki page:

2. Sasarai (Suikoden series)
References: Multiple official art refs here
Wiki page:…

3. Epros (Okage)
References: [ official art 1 ] [ official art 2 ] [ in-game sprite ]
Wiki page:…
The game is highly stylized, but Epros is actually an older character. If you choose him, you can have fun drawing him in your own style and interpreting him in your own way. ^^

4. Vega (Street Fighter series)
References: Official Art Without his mask, from the animated movie
Wiki page:…
I feel silly listing him, but he's an old childhood favorite of mine. xD Feel free to draw him with or without his mask.

If you would like to draw a couple or more than 1 character, please draw me one of these:

1. Sasarai and Luc
References and Info: see 3 & 4 above
Relationship: (This is full of spoilers for the games. Sorry it's so long, thought it'd be easier writing a summary here, rather than hunting through their two wikis.) They are clones and considered "twin" brothers. They were created to basically be weapons of war (their bodies being hosts to powerful ancient 'true runes', the magic system in Suikoden), but their creation was kept hidden from them for most of their lives. They were raised separately and very differently from each other, Sasarai as a high priest of a holy empire, and Luc on an isolated island by a lone magician.
When they met for the first time, Luc felt a "powerful connection" with Sasarai but didn't know what it was, and Sasarai was oblivious. Years later, Luc confronted Sasarai again to steal his true rune, and revealed the truth about their birth to him.

tl;dr: Luc resents his birth, is angry with the world, and I would infer he resents his brother for being raised in luxury and with purpose (as a high priest of a holy empire), while he has lived his life frustratedly wondering what his purpose was, not seeing any point to the world, and eventually desiring to bring destruction upon it all.

2. Epros and Ari

References for Epros: [ official art 1 ] [ official art 2 ] [ in-game sprite ]
Wiki page for Epros:…
References for Ari: [ official art 1 ] [ official art 2 ]
Wiki page for Ari:…
Relationship: They can be drawn as friends, or with Epros teasing Ari in some way. Epros is a mischievous, outspoken prankster who always speaks in Shakespearean rhyme, Ari is a timid doormat.

Thank you, Santa, and I look forward to whatever you've chosen to draw for me. ^^

- Landylachs

Scraps no longer count as deviations!

Sat May 25, 2013, 1:51 PM


I'm not sure when it happened, but this makes me very happy! I'll probably start using that feature again now.

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I think I'm getting sick

Wed Mar 20, 2013, 6:36 PM
You know the day before you get a full-out cold, you feel unnaturally chilly, your skin is overly goosebumpy, and additionally is so sensitive that the softest fabric brushing against it seems to cause slight pain? Yes, I'm getting all of that.

Do you do anything in particular the day before you know you're going to catch a cold? I've found a way that nearly every time I've tried it prevents a cold, if I recognize the symptoms early enough (the day before real symptoms). Usually if I take a very hot shower, and stay in the shower until I stop feeling cold, that will prevent me from getting sick.

As it turns out, I didn't recognize the symptoms early enough, and it's only after I took a bath that I realize I am probably going to be sick tomorrow. ):

Do you have any kind of regime that works for you in preventing a cold, or do you kind of just grit your teeth at the inevitable and bare it out?

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Username change! And a thank you

Mon May 21, 2012, 11:15 AM
I know I've been kinda AWOL atm (that will change pretty soon), but

Wow! We can change our usernames now! As someone who has made like 3 or 4 accounts and kept changing them, since the option to change a username wasn't available (and after 8+ years I thought it'd never be available), it's pretty amazing to see that it can be done now.

I had been wanting to change the capitalization of my name for a while, and I just found out about the new option to change it today, so I went through with it. But, I wouldn't have been able to if Ardn1984 hadn't so generously given me a sub three months ago.

So I was really sad to see today that Ardn isn't on DA anymore. :crying: Ardn, if you're reading this, I hope everything is okay with you. You were one of the most kind and thoughtful people I met on this site. Good luck with everything, and thank you for the thoughts and insight you've shared with me. I will miss you!

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Thank you so much for the dd!

I can't believe it, I'm pretty much in shock and am too speechless to comprehend this !!!

Now I need to work harder to make even better things!

Thanks Lyricanna for suggesting it and DieZori for featuring it!

I tried to convey my happiness and surprise but I just can't find the words, so I will just say again THANK YOU SO MUCH
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Hello! What are you doing for Halloween? I was out Friday night and was surprised to see people were already walking around in costume! We saw Luigi, Waluigi, Tingle *shudders*, a bunch of playboy bunny/cat girls, a Teletubbie *more shudders* .. why did we only run into creepy costumes and not cool ones D:

I thought I was getting sick yesterday, but I feel better today. Either way, I'll be at work on Halloween so no festivities for me xD

I was tagged by notired and drawitout for that meme that's been going around, here goes!

:iconnotired:'s questions:

1. what really inspired you into drawing 'seriously' (or often, or whatever)?

Embarrassingly what first inspired me to draw was DBZ. Lol ... I was obsessed with that show as a kid. What started me drawing more seriously was probably I was very unhappy in middle school (typical teenaged angst stuff haha, after all who LIKED midlde school) and drawing became my escape.

2. what do you enjoy drawing most?

Right now, probably faces and heads, because they're difficult for me and always a challenge.

3. do you have a guilty pleasure about drawing? (something you really like to draw or see).

I really enjoy seeing horned people and kemonomimi. I really like to draw people with bird features, but I don't do this too often.

4. who are some of your favourite artists?

Wow, hmm, I'd say my top three right now are
AshleyCope, one of my favorite artists ever since high school (:
Chaotic-Muffin I just discovered her art this year, it just really blows me away, I've never seen anything quite like her work.
kidchan because of her colors and imagination

5. is your drawing style very different from when you started out? (anime to realism, for example!)

I hope so. My early stuff was very badly drawn DBZ-styled anime characters. I actually recently found a website that I uploaded art to in 2000 (I was ... 12, 13?) and completely forgot about until I accidentally stumbled upon it the other day. HORRORS, I tell you. I had a mild panic situation when I couldn't remember my password to take all those horrible things off the internet, but in the end I was able to take down EVERYTHING, thankfully, gah. SO EMBARRASSING

6. is there something you want to learn how to draw better?

Anatomy and environments!

7. do you have a favourite pose or position to draw?

Just the boring 3/4 head shot.

8. do you have any special cicumstances for when you draw? (no jewelry on, no distractions, having a snack, etc)

I just like to draw in my room, that's special enough since I don't have as much time there as I used to

9. do you multi-task while drawing?

I usually listen to music though occasionally I draw in silence. I was trying out watching movies and tv shows a while ago, but it was too distracting.

10. do you like to spend a long time on one drawing, or work quickly/between many pieces at once?

I'd prefer to spend a long time on one drawing but time usually doesn't allow me to now, and I draw several pieces bit by bit all at once.

11. are you open with your drawings. do you show it to any in real life friends or family?

A rl friend asked me this a week or two ago haha. The answer is no! I do not. I show one or two irl friends by email sometimes but that's rare. I don't really have that many irl friends who are interested in art, and if they are they aren't interested in looking at their friends' work, strangely enough. So I am really grateful for any feedback I receive on dA, you guys are the best, thank you :cuddle:

:icondrawitout:/s questions:

1: Depending on if/when you are able to answer this question, what are you doing/what did you do for Halloween?

Nothing this year. Last year I attended the NYC Halloween parade, the year before I helped out with the giant spider on the clock tower for the same parade. That year I dressed up in a bird paper mache mask I made……

2: What is your favourite food or drink?

Food - sushi or huevos rancheros.
Drink - water, smoked tea… , virgin pina coladas, heated milk with bittersweet dark chocolate chips melted in
Alcohol - Toasted Almond cocktails are amazing, it's like drinking almond cookies. With almond ICE CREAM mixed in.

3: What is your favourite animal? Why?

It's so tough to just choose one animal. If I had to choose one it just might be chickens haha, because there are hundreds upon hundreds of species of beautiful chickens.

4: How are you today?

Good! There was an ice snow/rain storm yesterday, today is the proverbial calm after the storm so it is peaceful and pretty.

5: What matters to you the most in a piece of art?

If it works as a whole, if all the pieces add up together to create something greater than the sum of its technical parts.

6: What is your favourite piece of art that you've made, and why?

None of them I am not satisfied with any of my work!

7: Can you cite a source of inspiration for your work? How and why does it inspire you?

I can't really choose one thing that inspires me, many different things are inspiring.

8: If you could change one thing in your life at this moment, what would it be?

I wish I could stay in my room and draw all day for like a year lol

9: Is there anything you regret regarding your own art?

I wish I had spent more time learning the basics

10: How do you feel about making up your own series of questions and tagging ten people to answer?

Ugh I don't know how I'm going to do that haha

This feels like the most gigantic journal I've ever written haha. Thanks to anyone who's read this far. Thanks notired and drawitout for tagging me! It was fun answering the questions even if I might be the only one who reads the answers xD

Ten new questions!

1. How long have you been drawing?
2. What are you current top five favorite songs?
3. What do you do in real life? Student or work?
4. What is your ideal lifestyle? (What's your dream job or your dream place to live, or your ideal house, etc.)
5. Is your work inspired by a particular music artist, movie, or video game?
6. Do you want to make a living in art, or is it more of a hobby for you?
7. What are your current top three favorite deviations from other artists on this site?
8. Do you have a "guilty pleasure" song? Something you'd be embarrassed if people knew? Please share. >: D
9. Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds? If not, is there a kind of pet you'd like to have?
10. What is your favorite comfort food? (:

I tag ... :iconshadowkiwi: :iconyukito-chan: :iconsur-mata: :iconpax-aquilo: :iconfigilove:
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"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

- Steve Jobs during his Stanford Commencement Address in 2005

Rest in peace.
WHY. Why did they do this?? I used to like keeping my deviations below a certain number (think it was 40 or 50) and periodically went through and cleaned up the rubbish into scraps. It felt cleaner that way. Now all my stupid stuff I post to scraps counts the same as pictures I actually spend time on. Wasn't the whole purpose of the scrapbook to be able to post stuff and not have it be associated with your main gallery in any way? I hope they reverse this, I love using the scrap gallery as my hidden crap gallery.

.. Okay, I definitely started this journal with an intention to say something other than that, but I've been staring at the screen for three minutes and I seriously cannot remember what that thing was. This must be what getting old feels like D: Haha. Oh, I did have a funny story I wanted to post back over the Memorial Day break - I know that was forever long ago but it was funny enough that I remembered.

I went to the zoo with two friends. Afterwards, we were walking out of the gates of the zoo, and the zoo opens right into the streets of the city, so we're walking down a concrete street with tall buildings on either side of us. So no wildlife or anything. So we're walking along, when all of a sudden my friend (who's a girl) recoils and says something flew in her eye. We stop walking and I tell her to blink a lot to get it out. She starts blinking madly while looking perplexedly at both of us.

Normally, whenever someone gets something stuck in their eye, blinking a lot gets the thing out 100% of the time (in my experience), so when my friend claimed she still felt it there I was skeptical. But she insisted, so me and my guy friend moved closer to look at her. She opened her eye all the way (she has very large eyes), and me and my friend see this ... thing ... stuck to the white part of her eye. Moving closer, we see that it is a FLY stuck on her eyeball!!! How is that even possible?!

That actually really grossed me out and I probably overreacted (I sort of yelped and clung to my guy friend like a wimpy loser. The guy friend of course shows no emotion) (lol I'm such a bad friend) before apologizing (haha xD she's luckily a good sport). We wanted to help her but we couldn't really pick the fly off her eye with our fingers (and she understandably didn't want us to) so for a few minutes me and the guy friend were just sort of standing there helplessly staring at her while she continued blinking to try and rid herself of the fly.

After a few minutes we dared to examine her again - and this time I thought the fly surely must be out by now - but NO the fly had MOVED, and the scary part is is that it moved lower, so that it was under the lower eyelid. This freaked me out anew, at which point she got fed up with blinking and found a mirror in her purse and was finally able to pluck the bug out. But as the guy friend told me afterward, since I was still freaked out about it (but no longer expressing it verbally thankfully) and when I'm freaked out about something I tend to fixate over it - I said, "Didn't it freak you at at all?! How could you have no reaction?" and he responded (with no emotion like he usually does), "Yeah, I mean, it could have rolled back behind her eye." And of course the thought of that was just ... too horrible to ponder too deeply.

But yes. What would you do then. What would you do.

And that is my fly story, I hope you enjoyed it.

Sorry I haven't been on as much lately. Work has been tiring. I'm trying to keep up with comments but let me know if I've missed or forgotten something. I finally got to go to the beach for the first time this summer last weekend, which was soooo funnnnn, but my friends are acting like old grandparents already and didn't stay in the water for more than 15 minutes at a time. Instead they buried me in the sand while I was lounging like a happily content blob and made me into some kind of squid monster. I don't know since I haven't seen the pictures yet.

And I think I'm afraid to see myself as some tentacle monster. Oh how wrong that sounds.

How has your summer been? Fly- and tentacle-free I hope? (: Are you looking forward to the fall at all?

:fish: ART STUFF :airborne:

Gift for Pax-Aquilo: Conceptingggggg
OC Art trade for yukito-chan: Coloringggg done!



I really like hearing other people's favorite songs. ^^ I'd love if you could comment with the title (& artist) of one or two (or more 8D) of your favorite songs or current favorite songs.

I collect songs people suggest to me on a youtube playlist and listen to them while I draw. :) If you're curious what people suggested, you can listen to the playlist on youtube…

Thanks to anyone who already suggested! And if you come across a new favorite song or two feel free to let me know. ^^
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... when you have the hiccups. Seriously! It's been around ten minutes, they shouldn't last this long!
... And of course, now that I wrote about it in a journal entry, they're gone. Cure?

How has your New Year been so far? Better? Worse? Meh? Mine's been swell, I'm in a very content place right now.

Oh right. Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Rabbit, woo. Did anyone celebrate? I celebrated by having a nice meal with my family. Yummy roast chicken, fish, and lightly fried tempura-like shrimp. Mmm :3 Also ate some Chinese New Year snacks which I don't know the names of, one is of what seems like candied coconut strips, candied green melon (soo sugary, soo good), toasted sunflower seeds .. things like those. They are yummy.

I was a little anxious over something work-related I had to do today, and when I'm anxious over something I tend to either watch a movie or play a video game a day or so before to calm my nerves (today went great, so it works!). So two days ago I started a new Final Fantasy VII game file. That's right, FFVII. I was a pretty big fan of it when it came out, my first experience with it was when I saw the PC version of the game at a CompUSA (haha does anyone remember those).

(The rest of this is a really long ramble on video games that no one will be interested in.)

I didn't even really know what it was, but from looking at the art and reading the box I had this feeling that I would really enjoy it. I don't remember if I heard about it before, it was an instinct purchase which I normally don't do but when I've done them I've rarely regretted them. And I didn't regret that one at all. Man! I was, what, in middle school? Early high school? It was like being transported to another world! Isn't that where game designers initially get their motivation, in their pursuit of capturing this essence of an untapped frontier?

I'm no game designer, just saying I can understand where that passion could stem from .. and I'm rambling. My point with all this is that FFVII ensnared something of my imagination that no game before it ever did. And years after the game released, the fandom longed for something - a sequel, a movie, whatever. And when the fans actually got that - with Advent Children, Last Order, Crisis Core, etc. - that was when that world became less interesting for me. Something of the magic was lost when everything was so perfectly explained, so perfectly visually presented to us. So spoon-fed.

So I didn't really care for FFVII much after Advent and that whole rebirthing of the series occurred.

So when I started up that old, original game that started it all ... I was really amazed at how fresh it still felt. Seeing those old blocky models, it separated it from this whole weird post-Advent world Square-Enix has created and reminded me what it was about this old game that was so charming in the first place. It was created in that foggy gray area between old-school games that would explain nothing to you and just drop you into the game and leave you to figure out what to do on your own (like the early Zelda games, or Secret of Mana), and today's games that baby-walk you through every minuscule instruction so the player won't become lost (most of today's games).

Now, FFVII certainly gave you direction, but it didn't hold your hand like many of today's games. It gave you enough to go by (like, go to Sector 7), but not enough that you felt like the game was a long list of directions blurted out to you by a GPS (what am I supposed to be doing at Wall Mart again? Looking for Tifa? Where? How? Need to find a dress? How do I do that? What do I do with this Pharmacy coupon, or this Digestive? You don't see that with today's games, not RPG ones). Or, like after Cloud's flashback sequence at Kalm, you're supposed to go to the Chocobo Farm, but you aren't explicitly told to go there. If you talk to the people at Kalm, they just tell you they saw a "suspicious figure", not where he specifically might be going. You walk around or look at the map and see that you have to go through a valley to the only other part of the map you can go to, but you aren't told to do this. You do it because there's no where else for you to go.

It's only after you go to the Chocobo farm, after you rent a Chocobo to cross the marsh (why are you crossing the marsh? You aren't told to. If you talk to the owner of the Chocobo farm a second or third time he tells you he saw Sephiroth crossing the marsh, but again .. you would need to talk to him repeatedly to get this information out of him. It isn't hand-fed to you), and after you're nearly at the end of the cave that you run into the Turks and learn that your next "goal" is to go to Junon Harbor.

So between leaving Midgar and the cave, you go through a number of events that the game doesn't script out to you, but you follow by process of elimination and exploration. It might seem like a minor thing, but it's things like those that give a game the feeling that it is an other world, because it forces you to explore it.

I haven't played many modern games, but those I have I'm always amazed and a little insulted at how much they spell out for you. They leave nothing to the imagination, nothing to explore. When nothing is left to the imagination the world becomes BORING. What makes games, (entering essay mode) what makes life interesting is the pursuit of the unknown. I imagine this partly is why MMORPG's are so popular now and partly why RPG's as a genre are in sort of a dead state.

So, the day we know everything will be the day we all die.

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:airborne: ART STUFF

OC Art trade for yukito-chan: Osiris and Gospel - I might make another one for you, I don't like how my first attempt is turning out xD
Sketch (or something 8D) for joyahnke: Ruwyn FINALLY DONE



I really like hearing other people's favorite songs. ^^ If you have a spare moment, I'd love if you could comment with the title (& artist) of one or two (or more 8D) of your favorite songs or current favorite songs.

I collect songs people suggest to me on a youtube playlist and listen to them while I draw. :) It's fun because I can imagine everyone's personality coming through in the songs. ^^ If you're curious as to what people have suggested, you can also listen to the playlist on youtube here… (it is extremely diverse ^^)

Thanks to those who already suggested! I love them :hug: And if you come across a new favorite song or two feel free to let me know. xD
Argh I got sick this past week - instead of fuzzy dizzy half-sick from the computer from before, this time it was tangible fever-sore-throat sick. :dead: :sick: I'm starting to feel better, though I'm surprised that it lasted the entire week, it makes me feel, well, weak xD (I started feeling sick on Monday). Since I'm feeling better I'm going to catch up on commenting and replies, and listening to your music, I can't wait to listen to what you guys suggested! :giggle: :excited: Thank you again and sorry for taking so long to listen to them!

It was weird though, because Saturday, I came home at around 5am, and immediately fell asleep soon after. I woke up Saturday at 2pm, and went to sleep at 9pm, I was so tired. Then I woke up at 3am (Monday), and couldn't fall back asleep. I felt hungry, so at around 4:30am I got up and made breakfast - like seriously made breakfast with the stove and everything, because I thought I'd just stay up since I couldn't fall asleep.

After I ate I felt immediately sleepy, though, so then I went back to bed at around 5:30am, and tried to fall asleep and eventually did. I think I woke up at 3pm, then at around 5pm I realized that I was most likely sick haha. Ugh that was a hazy day mentally and physically.

So the best pick up line ever, was over the weekend, I was at this place in the city, loud music and lots of dancing, I was tired so I sat down, but I must've been sitting in a bad place or something because guys kept coming up to me haha (I was by the entrance to the basement dance floor thing). I was tired so I just said I didn't want to dance to most of them, but one guy around my age was talking to me, and I think I asked him what he did and he said he owned a cheese and wine company. He then asked me if I liked cheese, and I said YES because boy do I really love :heart: cheese. :cheese: CHEESE.

Then he sat down next to me, and said (he was also French, so imagine a French accent), "I have a fridge, full of cheese, at my apartment." hahahaha. Luring me with a fridge full of cheese? I don't think anyone's tried that on me before hahha. Then he pointed to his roommate who was sitting a little ways away, and said, "My roommate, he has a fridge, full of wine, at our apartment." hahahah. It was so funny at the time. He went on about his third roommate being a "traditional French man" (???), it was so funny. Because I wasn't sure if he was making this company up, I asked him for his business card, and he surprisingly had one, I haven't checked the website yet though, but I'm looking forward to checking it haha.

Well I hope everyone is healthy and not sick and sleeping lots, and haha it's late now but that you had a good Halloween.  :giggle: ^^ I'd write about Halloween but it'd be too long an entry, I'll just say it involved falling into a lake. Maybe that's where my current cold originated from xD

:airborne: ART STUFF

OC Art trade for yukito-chan: Osiris and Gospel - lines mostly done, color next!
Sketch (or something 8D) for joyahnke: Ruwyn



I really like hearing other people's favorite songs. ^^ If you have a spare moment, I'd love if you could comment with the title (& artist) of one or two (or more 8D) of your favorite songs or current favorite songs.

I collect songs people suggest to me on a youtube playlist and listen to them while I draw. :) It's fun because I can imagine everyone's personality coming through in the songs. ^^ If you're curious as to what people have suggested, you can also listen to the playlist on youtube here… (it is extremely diverse ^^)

Thanks to those who already suggested! I love them :hug: And if you come across a new favorite song or two feel free to let me know. xD