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Trahearne and the Jungle Dragon

By Landylachs
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"I can never return."

With GW2's Living Story Season 3 about to kick off, I wanted to finally finish this painting as a little tribute to Trahearne - and his fans - before the season likely moves on from him.

I did the original sketch for this when I first completed the Heart of Thorns story, shortly after its launch. Pre-HoT, I was fascinated with the idea of a corrupted Trahearne aligned with Mordremoth. Before Mordremoth's design was revealed to us, I had a vague image of it as a western-styled, jungly-looking dragon.

I absolutely love the Mouth of Mordremoth's intricate and considered design - but I wanted to do at least one painting of Trahearne with that vague, jungly-dragon image that symbolically represented Mordremoth to me. Thought it'd be fun!

When I finished the HoT story, I was pretty bummed by Trahearne's fate haha, and I lacked the motivation to bring the initial sketch to completion. It felt like finishing it would be like saying goodbye to Trahearne for good. That sentiment persisted until sometime last month, when I started picking it up again here and there. Then, Living Story Season 3 was finally announced! And now, with only a day before its release, the community excitement gave me the final push to bring this painting to a mostly finished state.

So I can finally say goodbye, Trahearne! You may be gone, but your memory will live on in the Dream - and you will be dearly missed.

And I will never stop painting you sob

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He will live on in the dream of our people, In my dream. He will continue to be a guiding light and for each time my sylvari falters he and all who have come before him and perished will guide him onward. 
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I love your thoughtful interpretation for how Trahearne will continue to live on in the dreams of all sylvari. :) He'll always be an inspiration to all!
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Huggle! I can understand you sooo well. Trahearne was... no IS my favourite too... still.
We must believe, his soul went on and returned to the Dream somehow so he's not completely lost... snif
... *clears throat* Beautiful tribute.
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Thank you very much for sharing your kind and thoughtful words, I agree with you! He will live forever in the Dream, through the memories of all who knew him. :)
I'm happy you like my tribute - you motivate me to draw him more! We can likewise have him live forever through our artwork of him! :D
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Holy Schist!!!
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Thanks, I'm happy you like it!
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YASS I come back once a year to go through the artwork, I always save yours for last! WOORTH
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Thanks, I appreciate that! :) I'm glad you have fun checking through my artwork/gallery!
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So beautiful! I miss him so much... Tears of Joy  Cry a Puddle 

Thank you for this beautiful tribute to our favorite Marshal.
We love you, Trahearne. about to cry emote 
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I miss him, too! He'll always be alive in my headcanon, haha.

I'm glad you like my small tribute to him! I hope I can paint more of him soon.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts - it makes me happy to see he is loved by you! :)
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Thanks you for your wonderful draws of him! Happy Cry - Smiley

I hope you will continue to draw him. It is a kind of second life for this character. smile

You're welcome. ^^ Trahearne deserves it and your creations too. :love:
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To a mentor, companion, and friend; The night is long, now sleep. We'll carry the world for you now.

Thank you for honoring his memory with such quality, your artwork is really beautiful, especially the glowth comes out just right.
Btw, if I may be so blunt;
Would it be cool to make a similar art for Zhaitan with three Mentors from the first arc?

There's an ancient legend, an old maguuman tale,
Of a deep jungle monster, with leaves as big as a whale.
Its tendrils they are massive, and its bark as strong as steel,
Through ages called a myth, but I assure you that it's real!

Far beyond the walls of wood it's waiting in the dark,
For the master's call to roar and tear your soul apart.
He'll wrap himself around you till you wish you weren't born,
So when you face this beast in green don't say that you weren't warned!

When the thunder's rolling in and Mordrem fill the sky,
All the pact clansmen know that the Vinewrath is nigh.
If he latches unto you he'll never let you go,
Soon you'll join a thousand men he's dragged to the breach below!
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Thank you so much for your kind & thoughtful words about my artwork, and for taking the time to write your poem! They mean a lot to me, and I'm glad that you like my small tribute to Trahearne!

I like your artwork idea! I can't promise that I will be able to paint it, but I'll definitely consider it in the future. :)

Your poem is lovely, and the ending gives me many flashbacks of the breach, haha.

Thanks again for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts!
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oh my god this is beautiful!
I'm so exited for season 3 and i'm definitely going to watch out for new gw art from you >:oo
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I hope you enjoy season 3 and any future GW-related artwork I do. :)
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you're welcome!
I hope you enjoy the new season as well :D
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It is marvel draw
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Dear lord.... what relative of Bob Ross have i found.
I just cant even describe this art.

Now i'm jealous, i wish i had a tenth of your artistic skill.
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Thank you for your very kind words!
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Kind words that pale into comparison of the work i look forwards to you producing.
But one thing i'd like to do is recreate that character, are there any images of him standing alone? If so could you send a link, anyhow i have a coffee to brew and a image to draw.
Toodle pip.
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Thank you, I'll do my best!

Sure thing! Here's his page from the GW2 wiki, which has an in-game screenshot of him standing by himself:…
You can probably find many other images of him by googling "Guild Wars 2 Trahearne." :)
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