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Interpretation of my favorite literary robot, R. Daneel Olivaw. This started as a bad sketch that I tinkered on and off with a short time over a few days to try and save, and it ended up turning into a fun experiment drawing to practice faces. I think I'm getting better at drawing faces from imagination (I hope).

Even though the books describe Daneel's eyes as brown (I believe toward the middle-end of Caves of Steel), most fan interpretations give him blue eyes to go with his "bronze" hair. I thought he had (and drew him with) blue eyes for the longest time, most likely due to Stephen Youll's book cover for "The Naked Sun," until I came across that passage on a reread and was astonished to realize Asimov envisioned him with brown eyes. Blue seemed the natural choice, maybe even a too obvious choice. I tried him out with brown and blue eyes, and I actually think I like Daneel better with brown eyes now. They add a mysterious air to him, like you could get lost staring into those dark, artificially real eyes.

Daneel is from the 'Robot Novels' literary series by Isaac Asimov.

Edit: A quick glance over at tumblr showed proof that Daneel's eyes are actually described as blue in the third book. So Asimov changed his mind, it seems, haha. Then again, he is a robot, his eyes could have just been replaced. Maybe Fastolfe became bored between and wanted to see how blue would suit Daneel haha. A life-sized BJD for Fastolfe, ahah.
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I was just randomly googling for things about Daneel and ran across this beautiful art! I've always loved him and this comes really close to how I've always seen him ^_^ Thank you for making the image in my mind come so close to real!

I've saved the picture, and I hope you won't mind if I share a smaller version of this in a small post I'm making about Daneel, with full credits and a link here of course.