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Commission for Adam

By Landylachs
Commission for Adam! His Guild Wars 2 necromancer, surrounded by the loot his necro acquired between this and the original Guild Wars era 250 years prior! I was excited to paint the tier 6 and ascended materials - I tend to think of the material storage as this nebulous ether, and it was fun to try and imagine what they could look like placed in an environment. Thanks again for your fun idea, Adam!
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I highly approve for Eye of Rodgort doesn't get enough love. Or use, for that matter. Fantastic work!
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I'm surprised, it's such a cool skin! Thanks again! :)
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Of course! ^^ I had to find an excuse to use it, of which I did on my Halloween dedicated/lunatic courtier toon. That is, until the mad realm skins came out. Now it doesn't have a home again. OTL
Landylachs's avatar
Aww, you could always rotate your weapons! I have multiple looks for a few of my characters, because there are so many awesome skins in the game! Sometimes I don't want to choose only one, haha.
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That's fair. XD I have one look for most of my toons so far, there being 20 of them heaven help me I have problems, but some do deserve to have more. @.@ Maybe I'll swap it out every so often.