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Charr Mesmer Rough Painting

By Landylachs
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A rough painting of my GW2 mesmer! When I first created the character, I was probably most excited to equip that head armor - but chronomancer turned out to be far more fun than I had expected! Even though much of the the class probably goes way over my head, haha.
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Damn I love this.
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I'm happy you like my mesmer! :)
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So awesome and pretty! I love it!
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
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Enjoying the fur texture it looks smooth and soft. 
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Thank you, I loved painting the fur!
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Fantastic and Amazing work, well done! :D
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I wanna know what this is from or something??
Also this is beautiful like yooooo
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Guild Wars 2! It's an awesome game and has an "unlimited free trial," you should try it!
And thank you!
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Marvelous! This is incredible!
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Thanks for your kind words. :)
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This is so incredible!!
I can't stop staring at her horns!
I've always sucked at being a Mesmer - my best profession has always been ranger.
Charr for the win!
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Thank you, I'm glad you like her and her horns!
I love rangers! My current favorite is probably necromancer/reaper. :)
Charr are awesome! :D
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Ahhhh that's cool!  I've tried playing all of the classes, but ranger's still the only one that really clicked :/
I guess I'm ok at playing a thief, but the rest... ahahah xD

What legion is she in?
(Ash all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)
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Ranger is great! You should play what you find the most fun. :) I really loved the animation for the 1-handed sword before they changed it - the default attack animation chain was so beautiful!

She is likewise in Ash! :)
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Same with me - it was really nice to look at! It was my second-favorite weapon, after all x3

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot Ash all the way!
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