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Charr Guardian

By Landylachs
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Painting of my Guild Wars 2 Charr Guardian. I love the overall design and development for the Charr species. :)

The only thing I wish they could change is how the Charr character rig is animated. I think the game models and skeleton look wonderful, but if they could slightly rework their posture so the Charr stood just a biiiit straighter, I think that'd look amazing! That was the main idea behind this painting - seeing how a Charr with straighter combat posture might look like.

See a headshot detail here: Charr Guardian [Headshot Detail]

This painting & detail crop on tumblr:…
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Beautiful painting, I love female Charr! I like the idea of them standing a bit taller, the crossarms emote was a great addition.  My main character Cub is actually a female Charr Guardian as well :D
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Thank you, happy you like it! I also love female charr, and I'm happy they added that crossed arms emote, as well! Sweet you also have a female charr guardian! :)
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Wow. The fur, the lightning effects, the metal, the claws, the expression and the design of her face... it's too perfect for words.

Yeah, I would also love if the Charr stood more straight. I don't like how the bestial species in MMOs are hunchbacks. In World of Warcraft, nearly the entire Horde is hunched. Tauren males grow their head almost from the center of their torso. At least their ingame posture makes that illusion. Charr are fine by comparison. But I think they could stand taller. I don't think that game mechanics prevent that. Norn are even taller I think.
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Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment - it makes me happy you like my painting!

Thanks also for sharing your thoughts! Haha, wow, I didn't know that about the Tauren for WoW! It sounds like charr have great in GW2 by comparison! :)
I also love that they added the /crossarms emote with a recent patch - now I can see a charr standing-up tall whenever I like! :D
They would probably need to re-rig the base animation skeleton and redo/retouch many of the character animations for charr if they made them stand up taller by default at this point - I would guess that it's too much of a hassle at this time during the game's development cycle.
But it's fun to think about and imagine! :)
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You can google the Tauren gameplay in WoW. It doesn't just sound like it, it is like it. When you play Tauren, you will never see your character's head, unless you turn the camera around. All you see 99% of the time is the hunch. And the very stiff movement when the character limbs don't really move much doesn't help. On some pictures (mainly art) it looks OK. But in game, not so much. Especially some helmets look ridiculous. They are either the very same model as for other races just enlarged, which results in the backside of the helmet clipping through the neck (not to mention the horns problem), or they redesign the helmet to such level that it has freakishly large collar. And no matter if you wear helmet or not, the mane on the hunch is always visible, which looks weird in some armors.
Charr have /crossarms emote that makes them stand taller? Now I am using it everytime I stand, even if I have to type it whole each time I stop moving :D
The problem with MMOs is not just the amount of work needed to change things. I don't think that this factor is so significant. It's more that there may be no will to make that change, as the developers very often believe that less players would like the change and more players would criticize the change... but another problem is that the developers (at least in WoW) have some kind of philosophy that they need to be extremely consistent with the appearance they initially decided. When WoW upgraded the laughably basic graphics of their decade old game, the result looked rather good... but everything still looked the same. On purpose, they kept the stances, movements, emotes, and basically everything the very same as it was or as faithful to the original as possible. It looks weird, cause some of the animations I can't stand. Like the idle animation for Tauren, when the character scratches his side constantly. Even through armor. I get it, he's a cow, flies annoy him, it is funny, right? Not after you saw it 3 billion times! And the emotes are extremely over-exaggerated even for a simple talk animation. The extreme arm movements, opening the mouth as wide as if the character wanted to eat you, and staring wide-eyed in front of himself... This kind of animation had a purpose on the old graphics, where the head was consisted of three or four rectangular blocks and the only movement was lower jaw movement and head turning. But now, when the characters have dozens of "bones" in their faces, this extreme gesticulation looks silly. But still, the developers chose to stick to it anyway, because they think that players would hate the change. It is their philosophy that once you got used to seeing certain movements, you wouldn't recognize your character if they improved it. Same goes for appearance. They improve the engine to such an extent that where you initially had one sprite for open eyes and one sprite for closed eyes, now they have a huge array of facial expressions depending on the emote and mood... and in the character creation, all faces still look the very same. And it's all because they needed to copy the previous appearance to stay "consistent". So when all characters looked the very same before, they need to look the very same now.

Sorry for going on a rant. Just wanted to point out that I think we can really only imagine. Rarely they improve things in this manner.
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Looks great! I love how you made the fur and the posture, I totally agree with you about that. 
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Thank you very much!
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This guy looks so cool, I just like the detail in the armor, and fur.
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Thank you, glad you like it! :)
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You're welcome.
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Such amazing drawing! The details, desing and quality are top notch :D Stunning!
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Thanks very much, happy you like this painting. :)
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Wow, I love how you have drawn your charr, might have to convince you to draw mine :)
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Thank you. :) I'm happy you like how I draw charr, they are very fun for me to paint!
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Fury and Blood!
Charr are cool. Too bad I cant get final piece of armor (Stalwart shoulderpads) for my thief.
Landylachs's avatar
Indeed, there are a number of armor pieces I wish I could obtain from the old pvp tracks! I would love some tribal armor. :)
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Long time no see! Evolving ever further I see. :D The texture work looks great. 
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As are you! Thank you for your kind words. :)
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This is really amazing !
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Thank you, you are very kind. :)
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I havent played GW2 since launch.. how is it now? Is there an expac yet?
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Oh man, it is a really exciting time for playing GW2! The answer is YES, they announced an expansion at the end of last month at PAX South, to a huge crowd and with much fanfare! They livestreamed the entire event, the hype leading up to the announcement was unreal.

They're introducing a new class, new maps, and a new endgame progression system, among other things! Here's the announcement trailer they showed at PAX, it was thrilling to watch it during the announcement:…
Kairaus's avatar
Thanks for the video link!
I am re downloading it now haha.. looking forward to seeing it again! What server you play on?
Landylachs's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it! :)
Awesome! :D I'm on Sea of Sorrows, but they implemented a megaserver system last year, so players from any server can play together now! ^^ Servers only matter if you play WvW. :)
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