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Please watch me if you like my art!! I promise to watch you back!!

From the depths of my heart piece 3
From the depths of my heart piece 2
From the depths of my heart piece 1
Forrest Of Dreams
Once again, apologies to anyone whose submissions expired over the past week or so. I caught one of the many bugs going around.
It doesn't look like any submissions expired, but if one of yours did, I apologize. Please resubmit any that did expire.
I'm getting "Internal Server Error" when I try to accept work into the Photography folder. I'll edit it so that's it's full. Please submit to "Photography 2" for now, and if you submitted something to "Photography" in the past week, feel free to resubmit it. I'll do my best to catch the ones that are still pending. ;) 

Apologies to our members for my absence. :hug: 

I was uploading the commission sheet like a robot in all the groups I am and again I see I put it here wrong. PLease sorry for second time :S

No problem. ;) Just be more careful in future. :)

Then become a human again, not a robot, I would say.;P

No problem. We ultimately decide what we accept and what we don't.Not that bad, don't worry.;)

:P thanks! and sorry again, I already become a human again. -.-