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Hey guys!

Some of you don´t choose the right folder for their submissions. A probem that happens from time to time. I´d like to remind you to make sure you got the right one!
I won´t accept submissions in the wrong folder anymore, because of the extra work sorting them would cause me.
Thanks for noticing!

As a little reminder, here are the folders you can choose:

Waterscapes - Water landscapes of course. If there is some shore in the picture, choose this folder as well, still counts as waterscape!
Forest - All forests. Decide yourself if your landscape is a forest if there are just 5 trees in it.
Mountains - When you have mountains in the background, think of how important they are and choose then.
Plains - All types of plains. Mountains in the backgound might fit here.
Multiple Studies - Was not able to find a better name. For pictures with at least 2 landscapes at once.
Caves - No matter if we are looking from the outside into the cave or the other way round, here you´re right.
Architecture - Everything with architecture in it, like cityscapes or huts in a forest. If it´s just a little hut far away in the background, you might better choose forest (or whatever fits best)
Sky and Space - Skyscapes (maybe with a little horizon in it?) and all kind of space like planets, ateroids, ...
Photomanips - Explains itself.
Other - If your landscape doesn´t fit in any other folder. Feel free to think about a new folder your landscape would fit in.
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Louisetheanimator Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2018  Professional Filmographer
My submissions expired...
JohannaAkesson Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello :wave: Thank you for accepting me! :)
kachy-mi Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016  Professional Digital Artist

Hi there! My name is Kateryna or Katherine, and I work under nickname Kachy-mi.

what I do:

I am a concept artist/illustrator. Sketches, full paintings, speedarts. I love to do lots of fanart, because I'm a lot of a geek 

 I also try to draw some of my own character, but never have enough time to develop this.. I often experiment with my own workflow, as a strive for the most effective and most efficient breakdown of how I work. These experiments can be found in .PSD's and step-by-step process images, that I'm going to be sharing with my patrons only. 

about my Patreon page:

Patreon is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get closer to me better and to learn my little secrets. Those who subscribe to me here get the best quality of the paintings that I produce, and get access to exclusive artworks as well as perks that will improve your own artistic skills ^^ It is also an opportunity for me to produce more of my original content, as well as commissions.  

$2 per month: Get $2 reward

  • Early access to my full activity feed! (artworks, sketches, etc - you get to see them first 

  • )
  • Plus as a Patron and my supporter your suggestions for what you want to see from me will get noticed with a high chance of becoming a reality 

$4 per month: Get $4 reward

All of above +

  • Access to full sized .PNG versions of my paintings submitted within a month! (commissions excluded)

$6 per month: Get $6 reward

All of above +

  • Access to .PSD versions of some of my paintings with annotations included

$9 per month: Get $9 reward

All of above +

  • Access to my resource packages that I have used in production of my paintings within a month, including:
    • Brush packs
    • Resourse images (e.g. textures, references)
  • Access to 15 stock images per month drawn by me for you to use as a reference in your own work
    • 5 dynamic pose stock images
    • 5 detail stock images (e.g. body parts, or materials)
    • 5 creature stock images

$15 per month: Get $15 reward


All of above +

  • Access to my tutorials, explaining on how to use the package available in the previous tier of rewards
  • 5 extra stock images drawn by me
  • Access to my voice over process videos (at least 1 per month)

$18 per month: Get $18 reward

All of above +

  • Exclusive access to all of my NSWF art 

  • (comes in a very high quality and huge size)
  • An exclusive beforehand access to WIPs and sketches of art, that is in progress!

$29 per month: Get $29 reward

All of above +

  • Access to a direct PERSONAL chat with me with any of your preferred services including Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, ect

You will be able to talk to me directly, asking your immediate questions about art and getting really close to me, resulting in collaborations in many cases 

  • Also, your name or nickname will be featured in each painting submission that I make on DeviantArt (which is a starting point in my submission process, and I link all the other social media back to DeviantArt) as well at the end of my YouTube videos!

Hope you'll become my Patrons!~

MotifArtpage Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for letting me join! :)
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Thanks for accepting me.
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I'm thrilled to be a part of this group! Thanks for having me!
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