New Rule + New Decline Policy, Please Read!

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Deviation Actions

Dear LR Members and Submitters,

It has been our policy in the past to inform submitters as to why each and every particular image was declined, but due to the sheer number of clearly inappropriate submissions per day this is no longer a feasible course of action for our staff.

We will no longer be commenting on every declined image with the reason why that submission was declined or list what rule(s) it is in violation of.

If the submission is in obvious violation of our clearly-stated rules, for example, if it contains a man-made structure like a house blatantly in the foreground, it will be declined without comment from this moment on. If the reason is more of a gray-area, like a quality issue, we will go ahead and still list the reason for the decline.

If your submission is declined without comment and you can't figure out as to why on your own, you are welcome to leave a comment below the thumbnail of your declined submission (where we have always commented and stated a reason in the past). Please note, we will not answer "why was my submission declined" comments anywhere but in this particular area and will promptly delete them if posted anywhere else.

We are also implementing a new rule as of this time:
:new: :bulletred: We will no longer ask the submitter "Is this stock?" regarding submissions that are not in the Resources and Stock Images Gallery OR Images in other categories that do not state clearly that they are stock images somewhere in the description.

If the image is not in the proper category for stock (which is the Resources and Stock Images Gallery) and does not clearly state that it is stock somewhere, it will be henceforth declined without comment. Not only do we have "we only accept stock" in big bold letters at the top of the group homepage and mentioned in several other places, but our tagline itself ("We ONLY accept stock! Thanks!") which EVERYONE sees when they click on our icon to submit an image also says it. If you can't take the time to read the five words in our tagline directly beneath our avatar, then we will no longer give you any of our time.

More than half of submissions to this group are declined for the sole reason that they are not stock images.
If this kind of inexcusable ignorance (and frank disrespect of the moderators and their time) continues at this level, we will have no choice but to start banning certain people from submitting images, or not allow submissions at all.
There is NO EXCUSE for anyone to submit anything but stock to this gallery.

I sincerely dislike being mean and stern, but it has gotten to that point. I apologize to those of you that do follow the rules regarding your submissions. You select few people keep us sane and make the headache of administration worth it. :highfive:

Thank You for Your Time,
The LR Staff

PS We are still looking for admins to help approve/deny incoming messages. Drop us a note if you're interested, though after reading what I just wrote above, I highly doubt anyone will be. ;P
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AustriaAngloAlliance's avatar
Sorry for your trouble :( - Eve
Crazy-Sparkles's avatar
No worries! :aww: You're one of the good ones! :glomp:
AustriaAngloAlliance's avatar
Oh - thanks :hug: But I don't like to think that we're causing hassle !
Ashzoi's avatar
Eve, you are one of my favorite Stock submitters to this group :D You do a phenominal job of adhering to the rules we have! :love: