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Hello everyone! :wave:

I was considering adding a folder for Inspirational Painted Landscapes (digital or traditional) to the Group's Gallery. I tried to find an active Group that was for images like that, but so far I have lucked out on that search. :( I watch a handful of phenomenal landscape artists who inspire me so much but get so little recognition, I thought perhaps I could make a folder for that type of work here. It really opens your artistic eye to see how others go about painting their work, and I would love to open that kind of door here. All the stock you need, with a good dose of inspiration! ;P But of course, that decision wont exclusively be up to me. As members, you'll have to tell me what you want!

Vote on the poll completely anonymously, here:…

Keep those wonderful submissions and watches coming! :w00t: And if you know of an active Group that showcases paintings like that, please comment and let me know!

:heart: Sparkles, Founder
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