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September 27
Hey everyone,

I'm sorry for my previous entry. I'm usually very good with controlling my emotions and have never before written a 'rant journal'. I'm actually really ashamed and embarrassed that I was so rude.

Unfortunately I'm going to be taking an indefinite hiatus from deviantart. I'll log on occasionally to check things but that'll only be once a month at best - so I'll essentially not be around.

If anyone here wants to be an admin, just send me a note or something - the current ones need all the help they can get.

Hopefully I'll be able to be more active in future. Until then, bye everyone!

June 25
Is this group dead? Is there any point submitting pictures?

Ask this of yourselves.

Unfortunately, admins have received very little recognition for previous time and effort which kind of kills motivation. The ONLY TIME where members communicate is saying something like "Umm... Is this group active? My submission declined." which I personally find very rude and unsupportive.

I made a post a few months ago saying that I'd be away because my father almost DIED. Wanna know how supportive the group was? With over 3000 members, ONLY ONE person found the time to post a comment saying "That's ok, hope things get better". Now, I wasn't trying to be an attention-seeker - I only told 1 real life friend about the incident because I do not like receiving sympathy, but you could've AT LEAST been polite about submissions expiring! But you weren't. Shame on all of you.

So until you all start acting like a community, I can't guarantee I'll be around regularly. I log on occasionally, and I deal with submissions then. But just know that there is still A LOT going on in my life, aside from the father incident, and I don't have the time to deal with this "Ermahgerd, my submission expired. Group is dead everyone!" crap.

If you actually took the time to read this, which based on previous experience I HIGHLY doubt you did, thank you.

TLDR: I got real life stuff that is way more important than dealing with submissions, deal with it.

January 14
Dad's in hospital - brain bleeding. Therefore I'll not be online much. Just thought you should know before you start sending comments saying "Why hasn't my deviation been accepted?"

I'll accept a few now, but after that I'll be gone for a while...

December 3
Happy holidays everyone! Hope you have a good whatever-you-celebrate (Christmas, Hannukah, whatevz...)

So, I'm going away for 2 weeks in a couple of days and I won't be able to handle submissions. Sorry about that. I've also been considering getting another admin, anyone interested? If so, just send a note to the group with a couple of sentences saying that you're keen and if you have any previous experience (not a necessity).

August 23
Hi guys! Sorry for the submissions taking aaages to be accepted. PLEASE be patient. Quite a few of the admins are unavailable at the moment, so it's doubling if not tripling the work for the rest of us...

You ask why submissions are taking so long? 'Featured 3', one of the popular folders that people like to submit to, has become full. So, everyone who has submitted to that folder have one of two options:
1) Cancel your submission, resubmit to another folder
2) Wait - we have to move deviations from 'Featured 3', to another folder one at a time. This is incredibly time consuming, especially when you consider that there are over 300 deviations waiting to go into Featured 3...

Thanks guys!

March 4
Sorry group watchers for the massive bombardment of deviations. Sorry for not being around to accept/deny things. I've just returned to university and am quite overwhelmed at the moment. Missing family, catching up with friends, social events, assignments, study, lectures, practicals... And then when I log on dA, I  don't have a lot of motivation to address the hundreds of submissions this group has/gets. So I'm really sorry, I'll do my best but real life is more important.

February 16
I'm back and shall be taking care of submissions. Sorry about the things expiring. When I made the folder 'Pictures 2' I assumed that the expiry time would be the same as all the other folders. I was wrong. ^^; But its been fixed now.

January 31
Just thought y'all should be aware that I'm going away on the 3rd of February and probably won't have Internet access until the 16th or 17th. So I won't be able to deal with submissions for a while. I'm not sure what the other admins are doing, but they should be around. :)

January 26 2013
The 'Pictures' folder is full. Instead of fighting the losing battle of moving pictures out of the folder so everyone can continue submit to it I've made some changes. You can no longer submit to that folder. You can, however, send them to 'Pictures 2'. It would be really helpful if you have any pending submissions for the 'Pictures' folder if you could withdraw them and resubmit them to the new folder. :)

December 19
This is a bit random but it's kinda related to the group so... I had a dream where there were approx 20,000 deviation submissions waiting to be dealt with for this group! Guess it's my subconscious telling me to keep on top of the submissions ^^;

November 27
Just a reminder that I am not going to be around for a while. Not too sure about the other admins, we'll see I guess. I've dealt with all submission up until now, but I probably won't have access to a computer until the 3rd of December. The best internet I'm going to have is on my phone. :o
checked the settings, and your submissions won't be in danger of expiring.
Please please please please please don't submit the same deviations multiple times!!! To be honest, it is really annoying. It also means that there is more submissions to sort through which means it'll take longer for them to be accepted/denied.

All I ask is that you guys be patient and considerate. Keep submitting, but don't be surprised if it takes a while to be processed. :)

EDIT: Turns out I don't leave until tomorrow. Here's the story-
I was supposed to catch a flight at 4pm today, get to the airport at 5pm and catch another plane at 6:45pm. But, the 4pm flight was cancelled. The airline was nice enough to SMS me about it and organise for me to catch the 5pm flight, getting to the airport at 6pm. They said that they realised it was a short time in between my two flights, but they would try to hold the plane for me if I was late. If not, they'd pay for transport, accommodation and food in Sydney tonight. So I go to the airport to catch my plane, only to find it has been delayed by an hour, and won't leave until 6pm. This means I'd get to Sydney at 7pm.
Hmm... the awkward moment when your second plane leaves at 6:45pm, but your first doesn't get there until 7pm...

So, I have to catch a plane tomorrow at 6:30am. It still gets me to my destination on time, I didn't have to get there until 1pm tomorrow, and I'll be getting there at 9:30am. It's just a bit frustrating. :/

On the positive note; there are a few extra hours that I can deal with everyone's submissions! :dance:

October 28
Exams are over!!! :D This means that I'll be more available to accept submissions. There are quite a few waiting, so I will deal with them in groups of 50 so that everyone's deviantWATCH messages aren't too clogged.

Also, I know it is far away but I feel I should let everyone be aware that I will not have access to a computer from the 27th November to the 3rd December as I am going on a holiday. So, I'll be unable to do anything about submissions. Sorry about that. ^^;

October 15
I would like to apologise for my current inactivity and am sad to say that it will continue for a short time. I am currently very busy with university/college work. Exams are coming up, which means that studying has priority over deviantART.

If it takes a while for your deviation submissions to be voted on, I am sorry. Please remain courteous and patient; not submitting the same deviation twice etc. This is very much appreciated and I will get to them as soon as I can.


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