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Katia Davis-Shingeki No Kyojin OC (remake)
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Published: September 12, 2015
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I had to make a few changes.

Name: Katia Anastasia Davis
Meaning: First name-Pure
Nickname(s): Tia, Princess, Angel, grandmother calls her different types of flowers
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 3rd
Birthplace (Which Wall, What town, etc.): Wall Maria, Shiganshina District
Current Residence (Which Wall, What town, etc.): Wall Rose, Trost District
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status (Single, Married, etc.): Single, later married to Eren
Language(s) spoken: English, Japanese, German
Life-Long Dream: To explore the world outside the Walls
Goal(s): Take out the Titans and ensure no one has to see themselves and their loved ones suffer in the hands of the Titans
Affiliation: Recon Corps
Former Affiliation: Trainee
Grad. Rank: Second
Status (Alive, Missing, etc.): Alive
Number of Titans Killed: 7 solo 12 team

Like(s):  Flowers, rainy days sunny days, tree climbing, running
Dislike(s): People who mess with her friends, anything poisonous, wild animals
Bad Habit(s): Daydreams sometimes, when nervous she curls the ends of her hair in her finger
Love interest(s):  Eren
Hobbies: Dancing, cooking, drawing or painting, used to plant flowers with her mother, played games with her dad, hang out with her grandparents when they come to visit
Fear(s): Losing her loved ones to Titans, bad people or natural causes
Personality: A positive person at times, a bit headstrong, turns red when someone she likes looks or smiles at her, tomboyish, a bit of a girly girl can be flirty when she wants to, Can be sweet, gets shy around new people, has almost the same innocence as Christa

Japanese voice: Fumiko Orikasa
English voice: Laura Bailey
Quote: 'We're in this together' 'If you think about all the times you spent with your loved ones, they're never really gone. They'll always be alive in your mind and in your heart'
Favorites (not necessary)-
Food(s): Meats, her mom’s homemade soup, bread, fruits
Color(s): Blue, green, yellow, lavender
Season(s): Spring, fall
Time of Day: Morning, night

Height: 160cm
Weight: 168lbs
Hair style (Always Down, Always Up, etc.): Usually down reaches close to her back. Up when cleaning and killing Titans sometimes
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: light brown
Skin Tone: brown
Body Shape/Build: pretty slender, a little curvy, pretty busty chest
Birth Marks: Two, one over her navel one on her left lower back, a beauty mark under her left eye
Scar(s): A scar on lower back close to her butt, a bruise on her left shoulder

Memory (any issues with this?): Doesn’t remember her father much, but has a good memory
Sight (do you need glasses?):  Good sight
Physical (Do you take care of your body or harm it? Also include injuries): A small bruise on her left shoulder from a horse riding incident as a child and a small scar from falling from a tree branch, but takes very good care of her body
Sleep patterns (how you sleep and how much rest do you get?): She sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night because of either nightmares or when 'nature' calls, but other than that, she's a pretty moderate sleeper

Abilities/Statistics (1- lowly skilled, 10- highly skilled and tell why)-
3D Maneuvering Gear: 7/10 almost fell and got a concussion
Intelligence: 9/10 Almost as smart as Armin
Martial Arts: 5/10 Her dad taught her to fight, she’s sometimes good, sometimes not
Battle Skill: 9/10 Can hold her own in a fight
Agility: 8/10 fast because of her running
Strategy: 8/10 pretty good strategist
Teamwork: 10/10 Works well with others
Passion: 10/10 Her goals and dreams keep her strong

Parent(s): Claude Davis (Dad, deceased) Maria Davis(Mom, deceased)
Sibling(s): none
Other Relative(s): Alvin Davis (Grandfather, alive) Davis (Grandmother, alive)
Best Friend(s): Eren, Mikasa, Armin
Friend(s): 104th comrades
Enemy(ies): Titans, People who want to hurt her or her loved ones
Hero(es): Members in Levi’s Squad, Erwin
Rival(s): Annie (friendly rival)

History/Life: Katia was born into the Shiganshina District in Wall Maria with her parents. Her grandparents Alvin and Sophie are squad members of the Survey Corps.

In Trost, Alvin and Sophie introduced Katia to Erwin and Levi while on a day off. She thought they were scary at first, but saw they were nice guys. She tells them she wants to join the Scouts one day.

She knew Eren since they were 3 years old. He's her very first friend. But Maria told her when they were babies, she and Eren's mother Carla would set up play dates for them when Maria went to work teaching dance. She met Armin after saving him from bullies. She first met Mikasa while hanging out with Eren and his father. The two went to go save Mikasa's life from the traffickers who killed her parents. She looks up to Mikasa and thinks of her as a sister.  She has a secret thing for Eren, and tries not to show. Mikasa is the only one who knows. She keeps pushing her to admit her feelings. She thinks of Armin as a brother.

Her father Claude passed of a sickness he has since he was a teenager. He was a traveler. Her parents got her a gold heart shaped locket for her 6th birthday with a picture of her family in one and her friends in the other. When Wall Maria fell, Katia tried to find her mother. When she did, she saw a big rock crushing Maria's ankles. She told Katia to go on, but refused. Her last words were for her to achieve her goal and that she loves her no matter what before she was crushed by a Titan’s foot. Her mom was a dancer. She remembers getting saved by Levi when the same titan who killed her mom was reaching for her. 

She and Mikasa were saved by Eren’s Titan form when they were about to get taken by another one. She got her first kiss from Eren before he went to plug up the wall on Trost. After he sealed the wall, she admits to him how much of an inspiration he is.

She was allowed to see him after he’s taken in, with some convincing from her grandparents. Her dream came true when she and Eren were put into Levi’s squad, after Eren’s trial and she bonded with everyone there. She admires Levi but as a friend and thinks of Erwin as a another dad. She felt that way with Grisha as well.

After the squad got killed by the Female Titan, she thought she lost more of her family, but Levi reminds her she still has people she can fight and live on for.

Despite some titans still out there Eren proposed to Katia on the first day of Spring, got married on his mother's birthday and years later they had their kids, Karen, Li and Max

-She believes long hair symbolizes the loved ones you lost.
-She's the exact same height as Armin and is a few inches taller than Levi.
-She has a horse name Angel, who she help raised with her grandpa Alvin.
-She loves music.
-She loves and has a soft spot for kids and baby animals.
-She has two kittens.
-Her favorite teas are lemon, peach, green and Jasmine tea.
-She loves sweets
-When she was little, Eren would sometime let Katia use his scarf, despite her protests that he needs it more than her. Mikasa does the same thing with her sometimes
-She first fell for Eren when he went to comfort her after they, Maria and his parents watched her father die from his illness.
-When she first met him, Katia was a bit scared and shy of Eren because of his mean look and attitude.
-She gets along better with girls than boys when she meets someone.
-She feels strongly close to Mikasa. She's her very first female best friend.
-She's one of a few people who can handle Levi's attitude.
-She's also one of a few people Levi doesn't scold about their cleaning.
-Her grandfather's of Asian descent.

Bio template-:iconalicecantbestopped:
Base for Katia-:iconrainfall-bases:

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YukaishironekoStudent Digital Artist
Oh I love this OC!!<3
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw, you're sweet! Thanks.^_^
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YukaishironekoStudent Digital Artist
You're welcome!! ^^
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BluemagicalGirlHobbyist Digital Artist
I really like your Oc! Very nice!
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Finally,an OC isn't an misogynist or a gross fangirl.
(I thought my OC is the only one who doesn't hate any
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glad you like her.^_^
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why did u choose e cup breasts?
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hm, honestly it just came to me. That and many anime girls have pretty impressive racks so I though, what if I did something like this? Thanks for faving.
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that would make it a bit harder to move around and fight i think XD also, her body might be too small for them. She'd rock in them in One Piece though XD
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Wait, why so many hidden comments?
Are you like the author of Aome Uchiha?
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What's that?
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There is an author of an oc who makes everyone OOC and blah blah and she has millions and millions of hidden comments
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Why is everybody acting OOC here? *facepalm with a katana*
Anyway YOU BROKE TOO MUCH CANON! Dreaming is good but you have to remember
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uhm, okay...
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's ok.
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Can I give you some suggestions to improve your OC?

*reduce her stats a bit she's overpowered. She doesn't have a weak point, so that would make her humanities strongest
* please make her tie her hair always during expeditions
* Please make Eren only a crush, no boyfriend, no husband that's completely breaking cannon when you do that.. 
*Levi scolds everyone about cleaning, so she can't be so special
*Breast size E and curvy body?.. Those too don't fit together, her bust will make it hard for her to fight
*She can't be in Levi's squad, Eren was put in Levi's squad by Erwin he wasn't selected..
*please don't replace Reiner's rank, its cannonly confirmed reiner came second in the trainees
* Please don't make that Eren kissed her thing, like I said you can just keep Eren as a crush
* I think its better if she wasn't a Goddess of the 104th trainees squad because Christa is the only goddess and that's kind of over powering a cannon character :/
*How did Levi save her when Wall Maria fell?... The survey corps were out on an expedition at that time, that's why the garrison were fighting the titans
* I don't think iced tea existed back then
*How does she remember what her father thaught her if she doesn't remember her father much?
*Eren's first friend was Mikasa... So your overpowering another cannon character :/ maybe she can meet Eren after Armin and Mikasa
* I don't think she can be that fast with such a huge bust and curvy body.

Not trying be rude though...
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the tip. Some tips of my own: 
A lot of people make their OCs the same rank as the canon characters.
If you read any fanfictions of this anime, people put their own version/spin in it.
Some people try not to make them too strong or too weak.
AoT fans make their OCs however they want.
Not all stories have to make sense. The creators decide on what their OCs are, what their backgrounds are, etc. It's their choice.

You're not being rude. Thanks.
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yes, but you make OC's as realistic as you can, not for fanfictions if you alter the story it just means that you never liked the original anime, you don't make oc's to ship them with characters. Characters should also have a balance in power. Sure its the creators choice, but altering the story makes it look like a different anime..The anime is not something we should alter just because we want our characters to be one of the main things in the story it's like your telling the creator your not satisfied with what he has done.  You canstill fit your character in without breaking any canonn and I can help you [Gif #21] Chiyo Sakura 
 Maybe you can lower katia's stats like she should have a weak point at something at least one stat below 5.. Otherwise she would look like a fake human because none is perfect. I suggest you show more of Katia's flaws in the description  Chiyo Talking Icon  I also suggest you lower her teamwork a bit since she works well with girls more Chiyo Thinking Icon  maybe to 7/10
and her intellect to 7/10 because none is as smart as Armin

I'm so sorry if I sound rudeChiyo Screaming Icon 
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not at all. Hmm, you've given me something to think about. BTW I love your icon.
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If you need any help, ask me Hiyori Smiling Icon 
Thank you! I love your's too Eren looks so kawaiiHiyori Spin Icon 
I'm an Eren fangirl too!
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! Another fan!
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