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It's not too far away, Jan 15-17. There is something special to us about Ohayocon. It was my first anime convention, or convention in general I ever attended, back in 2011. It was the first convention I ever sold at, back in 2013. Although looking back now I don't really think we were really quite ready  then for what we were getting into, but you have to start someplace, and they were gracious enough to allow that.  I'm incredibly thankful for that opportunity, and that they have continued to do so the past four years.  Hopefully my skills have increased at least a little bit since then, and that I have learned a thing or two about selling at a convention. But the one thing that has not changed is the excitement waking up in the early hours Friday morning and loading up the car and heading to Columbus. From the smell of convention center, The hotel (usually the Drury), The food court ( will miss Noble Romans pizza, not because it was that good, just that it was a tradition), running into all my artist and con friends (usually taking a long walk and getting Chicago style deep dish pizza at Fabians), and everything else that is familiar about it, Ohayocon is like an old friend I get to see once a year. And guess what, it's not too far away
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I hope the con went well for you! :)