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We now have a new Gallery folder for Pachycephalosaurs.

Feel free to use it, but remember, Pachycephalosaurs ARE NOT ornithopods.
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Hello! Welcome to LandofDinosauria! This group is for all arts about prehistoric fauna: from mammal-like reptiles to colossal sauropods.
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126 Members
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Gallery Folders

Sauropod by PaleoartStudios
The Amazon by PaleoartStudios
The King Wanders by PaleoartStudios
Shira the Amazon poster (new) by PaleoartStudios
Triumph of the kill by PaleoartStudios
Alioramus by turb0s0ic333
Summer Snack by DinosaurusRex5936
Chindesaurus by turb0s0ic333
Saturnalia by DenerDPaleoarts
Camarasaurus by DinosaurusRex5936
Shira and Brom by PaleoartStudios
Dinosaur Days(1985): The Epilogue by MaastrichiangGuy
King Rhinar portrait by PaleoartStudios
Pachyrhinosaurus by DinosaurusRex5936
Babysitting by PaleoartStudios
Dino Cuddles by PaleoartStudios
Dinosaur A-Z: Wannanosaurus by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinosaur A-Z: Fabrosaurus by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinosaur A-Z: Hadrosaurus by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinosaur A-Z: Parasaurolophus by MaastrichiangGuy
Pachycephalosaur Dad(?) by RajaHarimau98
All Yesterday's work: Woolly ram by DinoBirdMan
Feathered Pachycephalosaurus by Cristian-Milia
Prenocephale by SpiderMilkshake
Stegosaurs and Ankylosaurs
Drake and Mina by DinosaurusRex5936
Spicatarmisaurus 2020 ref male colored by Dromeothetroognathus
Spicatarmisaurus 2020 ref female by Dromeothetroognathus
Spicatarmisaurus by Dromeothetroognathus
Pterosaurs and Marine Reptiles
Pteranodon Sternbergia 3 by Alldoo
Sordes by DenerDPaleoarts
Eurhinosaurus by DenerDPaleoarts
Dinosaur Days(1985): Fish For Lunch by MaastrichiangGuy
Other Prehistoric Fauna
Amplectobelua by turb0s0ic333
Fish Fry by DinosaurusRex5936
Atopodentatus Paleoart by DenerDPaleoarts
Synthetoceras with speculative beard by metal-megaloceros
Movies and Games
Mini Toast by turb0s0ic333
LBT style herrerasaurus by Animedalek1
Gal and Dino Redraw by TheKohakuDragon
REDEYE KING by masonmdaythetrex
Fanfictions and Comics
Planet Ark: The Dynasty Princess- IntroductionThis is not a story for the faint of heart. Our world has never truly evolved past its primal state, no matter how technologically advanced civilization will become. At least, that's what I had always believed until a young couple from two different worlds were drawn together by one belief. That life is not the only thing worth for. I am Empress, and I was there all those centuries ago. I am sure you have heard this story before: The destruction of human civilization and its rebirth, their eventual return, and the Reign of Fire II. I wish I could tell you that this world had a destiny, but this is not that kind of story. This isn't a legend, this isn't a fairy tale. This is the real world. But what is the real world we live in? My Kingdom is Planet Ark. Trithanas is my castle. The Volcano I was born in is my throne. In my youth, my kind ruled the skies, the land, and the sea. We were the Ashkung, and we had one law that would seal Ark's fate. And that law was death. During the decline of our rule, only five adolescents remained including me. Each one wanted power over the others, and all I could do was fight for survival until my fallen sisters succumbed to wounds that I had learned to avoid from experience. As the last Ashkung, I could be threatened by no other. There were times when I did not feel worthy of my new title, but with the beginning of a new dynasty, I had to find a new purpose with my life. I declared myself Empress.The only beings that shared this world with me were two other races: The Humans, who's cultured and organized societies surpassed even my own kind's. And the Arkians, renowned for their success in survival and living in peace in a dangerous world. Despite them both being advanced races, neither were destined to inherit this planet. There was another group that convinced me that their reign would outlive all. The Dinosaurs. They were animals, not a race, but their success came from the one law that my people declared over Ark. It is because of them that Ark IS a Planet that follows the law of death. Trithanas is not the only continent on the Planet. Three others lied on the other side of the continent, but they were barren wastelands in comparison. They were the continents that Ashkungs used to form large cities out of by gathering in huge numbers. That is until, in my rage, I destroyed all of the human cities and drove them from Trithanas. Now they dwell in the empty shells of Ashkung territory. This was the first Reign of Fire. Yes, they speak the truth. I hated Humans. And yes I hate all who challenge me. But you may be asking why humans in particular? I will you the story of our new dynasty and let you figure it out.
Give Me Six Isle Dinosaurs by Dromeothetroognathus


1. Submit any dinosaur artowrk onto the right folder.

2. Do not use other people's artworks to make your fanart. You can be reported for theft.

3. Any mature content will not be submitted.

4. Have Fun!


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