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Hello! Welcome to LandofDinosauria! This group is for all arts about prehistoric fauna: from mammal-like reptiles to colossal sauropods.
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JURASSIC AFTERMATH NUMBER 17 (Rival company lab)So.... it has been a VERY, VERY long while since the last time we did this sort of thing, I was was rather busy with college and I kept strugglingly to think up a good scenario...But now, i think it's time for another round of the story-telling game some of us like to play...That's right, we are doing another round of the... JURASSIC AFTERMATH SCENARIOS!NUMBER SEVENTEEN TO BE SPECIFIC! it always amazes me how much creatively this inspires for people...and through the years since JWFK, I've seen that creatively bring forth many interesting stories. And since we're now approaching what WOULD have been the original release date of JW: Dominion (before the whole pandemic thing) and that now we have close to only ONE YEAR to go until that film ACTUALLY comes out. So I thought I'd do something special...Something based around the main idea of genetic power going widely open source...,Now, as i said, due to circumstances such as everyday life, college and family events, not to mention the fact that i kept having a slight form of "artists block"....But now, I've finally put together the right sort of mental space to get another one of these scenarios figured out. Now technically speaking we have done something along the lines of this before, back when we did the thirteenth round- as this is likely to be some big part of what Dominion's plot could entail...I thought I'd make another kind of scenario around this idea. In a sense, kinda a look at what's going on their facilities, now that ingen no longer has sole possession of this power.BASIC IDEA: the time is June of 2021, three years after the events of JWFK...The setting is in a high tech facility, belonging to a rival company.....Basically ever since the events of 2018, the genetic material used to create ingen's dinosaurs has been shotgunned all over the world, and into the waiting hands of many rival companies. Many of them are lead by rich visionaries/corrupt businessmen who like the late Eli mill, see Genetic power as a completely uncharted frontier to exploit and use for their own personal reasons/purposes, including: -agricultural (labour animals, "exotic" meat and eggs, feathers etc)-industrial (construction aid, demolition etc)-sport-hunting (think a bit like mitch and tiff but more corrupt)-"personal" (pets, guard-animals, bragging rights, private zoo etc)-Military (attack animals, recsue animals, "pack-mules", trackers etc)-pharmaceutical (medical/drug testing, whether they be humane or not.)-Entertainment (cage matches, racing, and other forms of animal-based gambling etc)and many, MANY OTHER reasons.... often very lucrative in nature.During this influx, many of the methods of gene-sequencing and DNA extraction have greatly sped up from their already fast rates, allowing these many companies to mass produce dinosaurs on a scale that ingen or masrani corp could only have DREAMT about! In many ways, these complex facilities are a key factor in creating the New "Mesozoic" era.Anyway, for this scenario, we'll be visiting at least one of these facilities, as the workers going about their various jobs (tending to the "assets", transporting equipment and genetic material etc) and new species are in the process of being created. RULES: As usual, you lot are to make an engaging story involving the basic scenario and setting I've presented and put you entry down in the comments below. You can do it in anyway you like, anything at all, as long as it's mainly focused around the central idea. And whoever makes the most complex/engaging story will be in first place when I post this picture.Also, for this scenario, You get to decide: where in the world the rough location is. (I mean ANYWHERE in the world) WHICH genetics/biotech company this facility belongs to (be it Biosyn, Mantah Corp, or maybe one of your own ideas.What new species (or new variants of preexisting species) the lab is making... Lastly, Be sure to try and submit your entries before the 15th of julyI hope you lot enjoy this challenge and good luck to all contestants. this invitation goes out to folks including (but most certainly not limited to): @thatdrawinguy @goatrex @titanusTyphon @RetroBomb1994 @FieryCarnotaurus @YellowPanda2001 @Dinosauria32 @TyrannosaurusRex-123 @ograndebatata @abrahan-quispe @riverraptor12 @Liopurodon4x @1423Ostafrikasaurus @superkoola @PonchoFirewalker01 @mynameisnotdave23 @kaijucraft333 @Wolfhooligans @ToonHolt @kevinobillbe sure to spread the message to anybody else you think might enjoy taking part :)also... rember to HAVE FUN
Dino Crisis by JurassiicChaos
Indominus Rex by Louisetheanimator
Welcome to Planet Ark by JurassiicChaos
Fanfictions and Comics
Planet Ark: The Undead World Ch. 6Chapter 6: New FriendsBriar squinted from the sunlight as she regained consciousness. She found herself in an arkian house, still cuffed. Brittani entered the house and looked down at Briar. "So are you Robin's new girlfriend? I never knew that he had a taste for walking carpets." Briar glared at her. "I'm not his girlfriend." Brittani stared at her, unconvinced. "Really? Then why were you giving me these rivalry looks back at the ruins?" "Either way, I think Robin deserves someone who doesn't kill children." Brittani chuckled. "I have no guilt over that-- none of us do." Briar's mouth hung open at this news. "So he was right. You killed children?" "You weren't there. They were spies working for our enemy, I don't care how old they were. I have a responsibility to protect the peace in my Kingdom. And I am not gonna apologize to anyone for doing my duty." The only thing holding Briar back from attacking was her cuffs. "Did you have any evidence to prove this?" "They were the only survivors! Who would suspect two helpless little children? If I could kill those little brats again I would." "You know..." Briar slowly rose to her feet and locked eyes with Brittani like a predator fixed on her prey. "Maybe Robin's better off without you after all." Brittani whipped out her Katana. "You better shut your mouth! You don't know anything about him!" "I know more about him than you ever have. Are you gonna kill me? It's not like you kidnapped me or anything, I surrendered willingly." Jessie rushed inside the house, splitting the two apart before a catfight could ensue. "That's enough Brittani. You know I'd pay VIP to watch you kill her, but we have orders not to." Brittani backed off in annoyance. Jessie pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Briar's head. "But don't worry, I'll make sure she behaves herself." Briar grinned and head-butted her, the force sending her crashing to the ground. "That's for hitting Robin." Furious, Jessie got up and reached for her gun but a foot kicked it aside. She was about to assault whoever it was but immediately backed down when she saw Rann standing in front of her. "Come on Jessie, there’s no need to be jumpy." Jessie backed down as Rann approached Briar. "Where are we?" She asked with a growl in her voice. "A new outpost for us to use. villages are pretty hard to come by out here." "Village? Whose village is this?!" She rushed to the window and saw dead arkians lying on the ground. Her lip trembled at the sight of her kind slaughtered. Men, women, and children alike. "Relax. There weren't very many people here to begin with. That should be the least of your concerns." He turned his attention to Jessie. "You stay here. I'm putting you in charge of our new outpost." Jessie sighed in response. "One would think that Brittani should be the one to regain Robin's loyalty." "It's a simple job." Assured Rann. "Robin has twenty-four hours to give us an answer. If he doesn't show up by then..." He looked at Briar. "Shoot her." Jessie picked her gun off the ground and reloaded it. "Yes, sir."A long day was finally beginning to end. As Robin continued down the river he gazed up at the sunset as it began to create a blood-red sky. Trithanas’ title as ‘The Undead World’ was beginning to make more sense. The blanket of red soon reached as far as Robin could see. He felt like he had just entered some kind of post-apocalyptic world. On the river banks, ruins still surrounded him. He passed by a large ancient building that he believed used to be a church tower. If the humans who lived here had religion in their lives, then who did they worship?He heard some commotion further downriver. But it sounded like people. He couldn't have found Angel's Blade yet because they sounded... like laughing children. He parked his boat on the bank and as he quietly entered the dense jungle foliage, he investigated the source of the noise. He finally found it across the river ahead. It was an arkian village. The village's foundation was built over the water, making Robin guess that this was a fishing town. He saw many different kinds of arkians. The children were playing a game with a ball, trying to keep it from touching the ground. He needed to pass through, but he couldn't do that without getting caught, plus two guards kept watch on a gate that lied in the middle of the river that blocked his only exit. Maybe if he was arkian he could be allowed to pass. He couldn't go by land because the river was the fastest way to find Briar and Angel's Blade. He wasn't sure what to do. He figured that the only thing that he could do was wait for the cover of darkness. A boat arrived at the dock. The passenger was wearing dark robes with fire patterns. He stepped out and headed for a building with a sign that read 'Razor Edge Inn'. Robin then came up with an idea so risky that it might actually work. As the hooded figure headed for the Inn, he stopped as he heard the creaking of the wooden floor as if someone was trying to avoid being heard. Someone who was acting very suspicious. "Who's there?"The hooded figure stepped inside the Inn. There was a wall of mounted dinosaur heads including one of a large carnivorous dinosaur mounted over a fireplace. He didn't recognize the species but he thought it was still scary. He approached the desk, looking away from the receptionist. "Any rooms available?" The receptionist was no older than 20. She had black fur with red stripes on her arms and hair. She answered with a voice barely louder than a mumble. "Um, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we're booked for the entire week. But if you'd like I can put you on the waiting list." Well, this was problematic all of a sudden. Why would he be denied a room after coming all the way out here? Unless he had already reserved one and it didn't occur to him sooner... They both turned their attention to the sound of a plate being thrown to the ground. Over at the cafe, an arkian confronted his waitress in anger. His buddies came to support him. They all had a pair of long teeth that reached down to their chins. "I didn't order Ammonite soup! You had one job, deliver the food to the right customer! It is not that hard to do!" The waitress raised her hands in alarm. She had golden fur and a pair of quills along with a side braid. She spoke with a trembling voice. "It was a mix-up. These things happen all the time." "You're gonna find out what happens when you mess with sabers." As he pulled out a sword the hooded figure grabbed his arm. The saber would have lashed out had he not seen Robin's face concealed by the hood. He backed away in shock. Robin revealed his face to them with the hood still on. "A human? Still alive?" Even the waitress was a little surprised. This evening just kept getting very strange for her. The shock soon faded away as the other sabers pulled out their swords as well. As the first one attempted to land a blow, Robin pulled out his katana and blocked it. This was the first time in over a year that he finally clashed in a one on one battle with another warrior. The other sabers joined the battle and even though Robin did his best to hold them back without a scratch, the three of them together were evenly matched. They were very well trained warriors but these three were bullying this girl and he wasn't going to tolerate it. The three of them together pressed their swords against Robin's katana. Robin used all of his strength to push them back. WHAM! A frying pan smacked one of them in the head. They all stopped and saw the waitress come to help her rescuer. The sabers turned their weapons on her. "That's them!" The receptionist pointed at the sabers. A male arkian with grey fur aimed a shotgun at them. "Get out of my Inn!" The sabers had no choice but to leave. Robin asked himself why he was so stupid for coming here? The waitress was safe but would he be after this? The grey arkian and the receptionist approached the waitress and inspected her for injuries. "Are you okay?" She nodded. "Yes. Thanks to him." The three turned towards Robin who immediately responded by heading for the entrance. The waitress grabbed his arm before he could get away. "Hey wait! It's okay, we won't tell anyone. We're the only ones here." Robin eased up a little but still said nothing. The waitress smiled to show him that she was a friend. "What's your name? My name is Anya Charm. I'm a deinogalerix." "Um, Anya? I don't think he knows what a deinogalerix is." Robin smiled in response. He removed his hood, taking a risk by trusting three arkian strangers. "I'm glad that you weren't seriously hurt. I'm Robin. Robin Steele... the human." Anya laughed. "Nice to meet you, Robin. These are my friends. This is Bobbie. She's a hyaenodon." Robin offered to shake her hand and even though she was a little shy at first she shook it. "Bobbie Deluca." "Um... your stripes are cool." "Thank you." The grey arkian approached him. "My name is Venom. Since species don't bother you I'm an amphicyon." "Venom?” Anya chuckled. "It's his nickname. His real name is Raphael Brody." "Hey! Don't tell him that." "Why is your nickname Venom?" "Thanks, Anya, now he thinks I'm crazy. I'm just kidding, it's fine." He showed Robin his shotgun. "It's because I shoot things." "Don't make him think you're some kind of psychopath. You've certainly confused me enough times." Bobbie looked at the outfit Robin was wearing. "Were you disguised as an Empress Priest?" Robin felt a bit embarrassed and removed it. "Yeah... I needed a place to stay until night arrived." "Well looks like it's here now." Said Venom. "You better get going before someone sees you." Robin looked out the window. The cloak of darkness had replaced the red sky. He looked back at them and smiled. "Thanks for the help, you guys. I have to go now." Anya ran up to him, bouncing up and down. "Wait! Let us come with you!" Robin's eyes turned white in bewilderment, as did the others. But Venom thought about it for a moment. "Yeah... those sabers will most likely be back here. And no offense to you Robin, but I don't think you're prepared for what's out there." "You're not the first person to tell me that.” "So you'll let us come?" Asked Anya. "But wait, isn't this your village?" "This isn't our village." Said Venom. "Not all arkians settle in one place. We just work here." "And besides," Said Anya cheerfully. "You came to my rescue so we're gonna let you join our team now." Robin couldn't help but think of Angel's Blade. These three however seemed more friendly than they ever were. And he knew that this was his chance to start over. He just hoped that it would have a happier ending. "It's a dangerous rescue mission. Do you still wanna join me?" "Explain on the way." Said Venom, eager to leave this place behind. "Hey Bobbie, are you coming?" "Of course I am. He seems nice." And with that, Robin had just made three new companions. Despite his past, he had to admit that he was grateful for some help. And little did he know that he had a lot to be grateful for on this journey.Fog covered the water as the boat continued down the jungle river. Bobbie paddled the boat quietly, and she was doing a much better job than Robin when it came to that. It seemed arkians really put him to shame when it comes to survival skills. Good thing they were all on his side. The only things that the three were equipped with were their backpacks and Venom's guns. Bobbie had her backpack between her legs as she paddled the boat. A giant beetle flew towards her. This one was not yet fully grown so she stuck a claw through its head, green blood oozing out. She threw it into the river and continued paddling. It was then sucked up by the Vulture Fish beneath the surface. Venom skeptically raised an eyebrow. "You? You used to work for them?" "Technically yes, but that's not exactly the word I'd use." Explained Robin. "Those with similar beliefs could come together for a great cause. Unfortunately, those beliefs motivated me to leave. Right now all that matters to me is finding Briar before they hurt her." "Who's Briar?" Asked Bobbie. "The girl I'm rescuing." "Ooh..." Anya teased, her eyes glowing with joy. "You didn't say that you were rescuing a girl." "What?" Robin was caught off guard but tried to keep himself from losing his cool. His blush, however, was a total giveaway. "No, it's not like that. We're just friends, nothing more." "I didn't say that there was." "Oh, uh..." Robin looked away in embarrassment. "So..." Asked Venom, coming to Robin's defense. "You're rescuing an arkian? Who is a girl but just your friend." "Yep. She saved my life from a pack of dinosaurs the day I got here. It's because of her I lasted this long." "Do you think she's pretty?" Asked Bobbie. "What? Why are we still talking about this?" Anya sat back and enjoyed Robin failing miserably. A roar echoed throughout the jungle. They all heard it in the direction they were heading. The boat landed on the shore. The river was behind them, but they still needed to get past whatever made that roar. "What was that?" Asked Robin. "Those striped meat-eating dinosaurs?" "Herrerasaurus?" Asked Bobbie. "Oh no. That's a much bigger carnivore."
Robin Hood (Dinosaur Style) by TrefRex


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