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Latest news - just back from a kids sailing camp - teaching 11-14yr old boys about God and how to sail. Woohoo! Was great fun except one of my crew was an absolute pain in the behind, and my mate (2nd in command on my boat) was ill most of the week so I had to pretty much entertain/control my unruly crew, and teach them to sail, and sail safely myself and make sure we didn't crash etc, and be a first time skipper of a boat, and make sure they were doused in suncream and weren't dehydrating (hot week in Norfolk!). Also there was a 24 hr bug going round, which I've just contracted since getting home (bugger), so I've not had the best week, but it's a mark of how awesome the whole thing is that I still loved it and want to go back next year (been going the last 4 consecutive years as a mate, and this year as a skipper). Hopefully I'll have better luck with my boat etc next year!

Anyway, obviously some pics to follow, though not sure about the organisation rules on allowing photos of kids to be put up - all the parents gave permission except one, so we can put pics up on the internet, but I might just avoid it on here since parents won't know they'll be here and you get some dodgy types (although I have some legendary and highly comical photos of the boys (see facebook I guess)!)
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Ooh, that sounds like it was. . . a very interesting experience. . . :O
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