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Solar Empire Shield

Following the concept for the New Lunar Republic Shield logo, I decided to create one for the Solar Empire. This image uses a total of 3 colours.

Quick breakdown of this image:
-Celestia's cutie mark circled at the top, portraying the fact she is the ruling leader
-Small wings having a simple concept, depicting governed freedom (the NLR Shield had wings that are large and artistic)
-Pointed and shaped shield, bringing in the concept of military/power; Does not give the impression of protecting the citizens
-Golden yellow, the same colour as Celestia's crown
-The original image had a purple jewel on the shield, but it was removed for simplicity

-Other Designs-
New Lunar Republic: [link]
Equestrian Unity: [link]

Made using Illustrator.

This is the second version. The original, in addition to the jeweled shield, was much shorter. I made the image taller to accommodate printing the design on more surfaces (a square design doesn't always fit).
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No. Loyalty to the Solar Empire! United we stand, divided we fall!
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This is awesome XD