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New Lunar Republic Emblem

The New Lunar Republic once stood for rebellion, its members seeking to seize power from who they thought was a corrupt dictator. These ideals proved fruitless and were forgotten; 1000 years later a new leadership aims to provide protection and unity with the rest of the country.

A few years ago I made a New Lunar Republic Shield Design, something to act as a crest and for military purposes. For this emblem, I took a different direction: I wanted to create an elegant emblem with strong symbolism for those who would carry it. I dropped the shield and emphasized the wing motif; I got rid of the big blocks of colour and added finer lines and details. Above the crest lay a crown fit for a princess; Below, a promise made to the people.

I had this printed out as my phone case and I'm glad to say it prints very well, even with the complex background.

New background and used better Latin text.

To whom are you loyal:
Solar Empire Emblem
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Very impressive.
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Are you sure the Latin is correct?

On another Deviant's NLR image, some who supposedly had professional learning in Latin said that it should be: Luna Nobis Providet
Not sure if truly correct, but I thought I would mention it.
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Definitely go with anyone who has more professional knowledge on Latin than I. "Luna nos providet" comes from my older design that referenced Google Translate a few years ago along with looking at other people's designs at the time and generally what sounded best (Google now translates the current phrase as "The moon provides us?", as in it's a question, but also never trust Google Translate). That's something small and easily fixed, though; thanks for bringing it up.
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Lol, no problem Landmine. :)
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I want that on shirts and jackets. Basically as a badge. Or even better, as a badge I can pin to my jackets and shirts, like what Destiny did with the Guardian emblems.