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Equestrian Unity Shield

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Continuing with the trend of MLP:FiM factions, I decided to create one that demonstrates Lauren Faust's rule over Equestria; the Equestrian Unity. The design holds 5 colours.

Image breakdown:
-Fasuticorn colours to make the point relevant
-Paintbrush to resemble Fausticorn's cutie mark
-Artistic wings to resemble great freedom
-The paintbrush and wings together to represent, once again, Fausticorn
-The lack of a proper shield to demonstrate a lack of military force, instead, the shield is implied in shape

-Other Designs-
New Lunar Republic: [link]
Solar Empire: [link]

This design was actually done a lot sooner, but it never looked finished despite constant alterations. I finally gave up after adding the shading to the paintbrush and forgot to upload it until now. I might do two more designs:
The Changeling Swarm (Chrysalis' army): I have a working idea, but the final design is lacking
The Messengers of Chaos (a cult to follow Discord): You never think about how hard it is to find a straight on shot of Discord's skull until you try and incorporate it into a design
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