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Aurania War Map

Location  Aurania
Aurania is the main continent of Wargroove, and I was inspired to map out all the locations that appear in the game plus the Double Trouble DLC. The map includes as many locations as I could find/read about; a few are only mentioned, but this is the most complete map you'll find.

Each of the 4 factions owns a region:
Cherrystone - The Greensweep
Felheim - The Frozen Forest (which is describes more as a tundra than forest)
Floran - The Gloomwoods
Heavensong - The Gilded Desert
Cradle Island is occupied by mercs (per Double Trouble)
The Lost Leagues is occupied by rogue undead and is otherwise unclaimed

Not quite Wallpaper sized, this was practice in designing a print poster.
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