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No Mr.Hooves I Expect You To Die.
Dun Dun Dan.
Plot Twist.
Watch it twice to catch all the things you miss the first time.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic © Hasbro
Hard Drive Gone.


Feel empty now.

This new technology was supposed to make things better.

But in the end it just makes it too easy to lose a large part of yourself.

Web is right.

Worse yet, all backups that exist where supposed to be purged due to a virus.

Have not gamed for so long, wonder if I will ever again do so.

Its like a fire and the photo album and stuff is gone.

Except life goes on without skipping a beat.

Someone I never heard of, will never meet, and do not know goes missing, dies, or stubs there toe, and I'm expected to stop and have a candle light vigil for them or something.

Its like we have become so obsessed with the illusion of connecting with others, we are more prone to magical thinking then our superstitious ancestors where ever before.

Just consider all the wackos and way-out-there theories as to "whats really going on" stuff.

Consider Face Book and Twitter.

We cant live without the ritual of pusdo-connection with those who really don't matter to our physical lives, our actual well-fair, our real selves, save for our own validation that we exist and someone else is remotely paying attention to us.

Worse yet, it is all a illusion.

If not by a nature decay of a business that "goes in another direction", then by attrition hacking that eventually gits past the security and wreaks havoc, or the inevitable incompetence that guarantees someone will do a "oops", or government interference, or privet business stealing your Intellectual Property because you gave them your soul when you "agreed" to there lawyer-only readable terms. Or simple the world proving yet again, that if it was a real mother, it would be that homicidal psychotic, callous, cruel, self-centered, controlling, abusive, monster mom you see in the horror moves, that is the reason the kid grows up to be a serial killer; situation that tears the land apart and physically destroyer stuff.

In other words The Cloud Is A Lie.

The only thing it will not forget is your embarrassing picture that will always get you into trouble with anyone you want to impress with being a responsible adult, or a non-jerk type person.

Also and comments that guarantee you will only be allowed on TV, if its the news, and your a "Person of Interest" whose probably guilty because your obviously scum, but until your convected, they cant say the obvious, because technically you can still sue right now, and they don't want that.

All the stuff you want to be like it never existed. That will always be remembered.

But anything that was a real treasure of a memory. The things that you will never explain because they are important to you and you alone, and you don't owe anyone a explanation as to way they are important to you.

That stuff last no longer then the due upon a stone.

And when the sun comes up tomorrow, it will be gone as if it never was.

Such is the nature of this thing.

It is all a illusion.

We think we are in the light, but we are in the dark.

We see shapes and hear sounds, and say this is life.

But what do really know of that?

Even what is supposed to be the "news" is but the noise of the world.

It is but a moment of sound in the wind, and in time will not be heard anymore.

What sights we see, are but like a dream. Upon waking we'll we not forget?

Who is really by us now?

Who do we really know?

What are we really doing?


In the end, we leave behind no treasure save for the scavenger, and they are like parasites upon hope.

What is there that cannot be corrupted by time?

The heart of men?

That changes faster then the tide.

The heart of a women?

That changes faster then the heart of a man.

The heart of the old?

They are fools.

The heart of the young?

They are scoundrels.

The heart of a beloved pet?

They are dumb beasts that know only that they are fed, beat when they challenge, and given a place to sleep.

In books?

They burn.

In stone?

They break.

In institutions, and so called law?

They will become a thing mocked and despised.

In God?

If god exist, then yes.

If no, then there is nothing.

Save infamy.

It will not outlast the world, but will have due.

Ironically, I now understand why it had to be declared, "Innocent Until Proven Guilty".

It is not in our nature to be incline to assume anything but the worse of those we are not inclined to instantly like.

Accusation of a Stranger is Conviction in this day and age.

You are Guilty until proven Even More Guilty.

Ironically it is Vanity.

Only those we like are Innocent.

For we are Innocent in our own eyes and have absolved ourselves of guilt.

Therefor, anyone we would welling associated with must also be that as well.

It is Ironic that this is here for the whole world to see, but will the world see it?


Ironically, In a way.

I hope not.

This is almost like a diary.

Something I'm not inclined to keep up.

Its Late and I have to go to work in the morning.

Good Night.

Sleep Tight.

Don't let the Aliens Abduct You Again.
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