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Sunrise Ruin



Runed Building in the Morning, 12th & Pearl Sts, Philadelphia, PA, Friday, November 30, 2007
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I have an extremely strong feeling that you just applied a few Photoshop filters to a picture you took.

Although the interplay of the black lines and the colors works in a few areas (the buildings in the far left bottom corner look pretty nice, there's a sketchy quality to them that looks more like a quick drawing than a photo), it seems more like the occurrence of a happy accident than intentionally.

The color palette is pretty easy on the eyes, the use of a simple contrast set of colors with neutrals is always pleasant, but there are inconsistencies - why is there blue on some windows on the building, when none others are present? Why does the truck have a spot of white on it? Is there any reason you want it to stand out in that brownish area?

Most importantly, you call it "Sunrise Ruin", but your overzealous application of orange to the building minimizes the appearance of it being in ruin, and the shade of blue you have in the sky is more a hazy afternoon sky than a sunrise sky. Is it actually a sunrise ruin, or were you experimenting to see if you could make it look like a sunrise ruin?

I'm all for experimentation of media, but I think this could have used a lot more foresight in your exploration.